You Pick Your Dream House with a Production Home Builder

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Some people have a very clear picture of what they want their dream home to look like. They have had it planned for years and can close their eyes and see the way the walls are painted, they way the floors are covered, and the way neighborhood is all laid out. Sometimes this dream is of an already existing home they have seen or other times it is a custom home they want to build from the ground up.

More often than not, these people have very specific ideas in mind that cannot be altered very much. Most people, however, are not quite like that. They might know what they like, and they definitely know they want to build, but they are interested in starting fresh in a brand new community built from the ground up. This is where the benefits of the production home building process become clear.

Production homebuilders are home builders who will build a community of homes simultaneously. These homes are based on a library of floor plans and home design options that allow buyers to personalize their home in a myriad of ways. The production home building process takes the buyer through a number of choices that make their home unique. At the same time, the builders are designing and building homes in the same way for other buyers who want to start a new community as well.

Some of the ways in which new homebuyers can customize their new home through the production home building process are by customizing their kitchens. Many people mix and match appliances, cabinetry, and even flooring to have things just the way they desire them. They might have to spend a little bit extra but when surveyed, 69% of new home buyers said they would be willing to spend more for quality kitchen appliances.

In addition to kitchen customizing, other features of the house like central air conditioning and central heating are extras that buyers most often get. In fact, 70% of new home buyers would spend the extra money for central air.

The production home building process is nothing new, but it is growing rapidly in states like Florida where the population is increasing all the time. Every day, roughly a thousand people move to Florida. All throughout the state, production homes are going up. New communities are being built and families are settling down into their new homes and new communities.

There are many who would like to pick out their own parcel of land and have a home built the way they want it with no expense spared for the design and building. That simply isn;t possible for everybody. Instead, the production home building process gives new homeowners the opportunity to have a brand new home built for them and customized to their liking. This is the way of America. This is progress.

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