Bed Bugs are Disgusting and Bed Bug Treatment is Needed

Bed bug killer

Bed bugs are disgusting bugs that are very small and hard to see. Nevertheless, some dogs can find infestations with a 97.5 percent pinpoint accuracy, as revealed in tests done under controlled circumstances by researchers. In case you are wondering, bed bugs can flatten themselves and fit in slender spaces as slender as a credit card and can hide in the crevices in a headboard made of wood. They also set up nests in mattresses and other bedding.

Sometimes these insects are called various other names, like crimson ramblers, mahogany flat, wall louse, redcoats, chinche and heavy dragon. What is quite alarming is that bed bugs are becoming an epidemic in the United States. News is being reported about bed bugs even invading ambulances and hospital rooms. There is no quick fix for bed bugs with chemicals or by natural means, but there are some methods of getting rid of them that are better than others.

One of the traits bed bugs have is that the males will try to mate with other males if the other males have just eaten and engorged themselves. You see, these bugs want to have sex when they are near any bug that is large. For some reason size is sexually attractive to them. When they eat, their bodies get larger so males will often try to mount other males that have just eaten.

Bed bug extermination is a concern for everyone. The best bed bug killer is not always easy to use. Some chemicals are dangerous, but often times necessary to get rid of these nasty little bugs. In any case, bed bug treatment always involves stripping the bed of all bed linen and washing everything down with soap and water. All bedding must be washed in scalding hot water. Bed bug removal often requires the services of a pest company that knows all about bed bug treatment.


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