Adjustable Beds Making The Switch

Adjustable bed

So you finally decided to get rid of your old flat mattress. You and your wife are on your way to the store to look at adjustable beds, hoping to find a better night of sleep somewhere on the showroom floor. But what are your options?

Size can be a concern for many people, but it turns out that switching to an adjustable bed does not necessarily mean you have to adjust a bedroom layout to accommodate new furniture. Adjustable beds can come in all the standard sizes of flat mattresses… twin, full, queen, and king. Even the dual mattress designs are engineered to fit in the exact same space as their single mattress counterparts. So you will not even have to buy new sheets. Many models also fit into standard frames, depending on the features of the model, so your choice in headboards and wood grain can stand unchallenged.

What about the methods of adjustment? Some models require that you adjust a bed manually, through levers or cranks, while other models depend on electric motors and a wired controller to adjust a bed. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages. An electric model can save you the trouble of having to get up to adjust a bed that might be just a little bit to high or low. But a manual adjustable bed, while perhaps less convenient, may allow you to adjust a bed to much more exacting standards. And of course, a manually adjusted bed will generally cost less than an electric model of the same size.

And if you happen to be interested in further options, some models of adjustable beds offer a heated mattress and even built in massagers. Obviously these options will affect the price as well, but when the quality of your sleep is on the line, you need every bit of information you can get. So get to those showrooms, and find the bed that is right for you.


  1. What kind of mattress densities can you get with adjustable beds? Are the choices more limited because it has to be able to bend?

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