FAQs on Waterproof Sheets

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One of the many interesting challenges of parenthood is how to deal with bed wetting. All children are going to wet the bed at some point in their lives. In fact, studies show that around 15% of children are still wetting the bed when they reach the age of 5. When figuring out how best to deal with this issue, it’s important to ask a lot of questions. Below are some of the most common frequently asked questions when it comes to waterpoof fitted bed sheets.

What Kinds Are There?

There are multiple kinds of waterproof sheets and waterproof mattress protectors. Vinyl covers are the plastic sheets that go over a whole mattress, mattress pads are set on top of the bed, premium covers are cloth that is water resistent and so on. What you need depends greatly on your child themselves.

Waterproof fitted sheets vs zippered sheets.

When deciding which of these to get, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. If the mattress is heavy or difficult to lift, it’s best to use a fitted mattress sheet rather than a zippered sheet. If you want to prevent a bedbug infestation, a zippered sheet is the better option.

Do They Work for Cribs?

Absolutely! Waterproof crib sheets are able to fit around your baby’s bed with ease. Depending on the kind you get, the material can actually be quite soft and gentle on your baby’s skin and pose no risk of irritation.

Are They Machine Washable?

Most, if not all, waterproof fitted bed sheets can be washed and dried at home. It largely depends on the company you buy it from, so make sure to look over packaging labels to see what the best course of action is when cleaning the sheets.

Do Waterproof Sheets Protect Against Allergies?

Some do help with a child’s allergies. Allergy relief bedding either comes as membrane or non-membrane. Membrane covers also are waterproof, whereas non-membrane sheets are not.

Parenthood will bring many new things, huge joys and trying challenges. You will face a lot of questions and need a lot of answers. We hope, with this brief FAQ on waterproof fitted bed sheets, we have answered some of those questions for you. Parenthood will give you a lot to overcome. With any luck, messy sheets will not have to be one of them.

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