Redecorating our Home the Right Way

The home is a nearly universal thing among American adults young or old, whether they are renters or homeowners, whether they are Millenials finding their first proper home or older parents whose child just moved out of the house. Any homeowner or renter today will want to create the most comfortable, practical, and stylish home interior they can, and this means knowing when and how to launch a remodeling or renovation project on the living the room, the kitchen, the bathroom, bedroom, or anything else. The living room is often the most popular target for remodeling or redecorating jobs today, and seeing as many Americans spend a lot of time in this area, it is little wonder that there is such an invested interest in it. Not only can a room’s decor and comfort be boosted when a renovation job is done, but its entire purpose may be changed, such as if a new baby is brought home or an adult child moves out. Best of all, many popular furniture themes are out there for homeowners to try out, from art deco to Victorian to 1950s to a Mission style living room. Getting a Mission dresser, a Mission bed frame, or a bedroom set with the rustic Mission look can make a whole house feel new. How can this be done?

When to Redecorate

Plenty of statistics are gathered to keep track when and how American households today remodel or decorate their homes, and some trends have emerged. A Houzz survey found that 48% of homeowners planned to decorate their homes in the year 2018, and another survey showed that 60% of participants would redesign their living room around a couch. It is not uncommon for homeowners to determine a room’s theme or style based on a particular piece of furniture that exemplifies that theme or style, especially if it is a large or expensive piece of furniture that the homeowner does not want to remove. Given how interior designers recommend that a room’s decor should be updated once every five to 10 years, any homeowner can take this opportunity to remake a room’s image and purpose for their updated tastes and needs. The kitchen, living room, bedroom, and more are all fair game, and best of all, a redecorated and remodeled home can be very attractive on the real estate market, and potential buyers may love a home’s updated and fresh look. This can give a renovation project a high return of interest, or ROI.

Redecorate the Home

When a room or the entire home is going to be remodeled or redecorated, this is the perfect time to reassess what the house’s interior should look like, and how that will reflect the owners’ current tastes and needs, as well as the population of the home. New, younger home buyers may renovate a home to get a fresh and spacious feel, while older parents whose child moved out may re-purpose the child’s old bedroom and adjust the home’s overall visual theme to match what they like. Major life changes can be made smoother with an attractive and appealing home, and even lighting can be changed, such as adding or removing lamps or strings of lights based on theme.

“Mission” is one such theme that can be pursued, and it is inspired by the practical, tough furniture that settlers in the early 1800s used while moving West. A Mission style living room, to begin with, will have furniture based on dark and tough wood with straight lines and 90 degree corners and angles, as well as copper or brass handles for drawers and cabinet doors. Mission style living room furniture or bedroom furniture will generally lack the “frills” of other styles, such as elaborate carved wood or marble surfaces or exotic colors, and will instead have a more pragmatic look that can make any room look calmer and less cluttered if the homeowners so choose. Mission style dressers, bed frames, armoires, tables and chairs, and more can be put into the home to complete this visual theme, and simple decorations such as stained glass lamps with burnished brass vases can be used to complete this visual theme. A Mission style living room stand out in its own humble way.

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