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When Was the Last Time You Purchased New Furniture for Your Home?

This is a year of transitions. After 21 years of being a parent you are now an empty nester. In the past two decades you have spent both time and energy making sure that your two daughters looked their best. From their person to their rooms, you have purchased contemporary and colorful pieces of furniture. You have helped the girls purchase several bedding sets to match their latest favorite colors. Your husband has helped decorate a way with an alternating pink and grey chevron pattern, and added a white chair rail studded with purple drier pulls as decorations around the top of the room.
In addition to making their rooms look great, as a mother of tow daughters you have also spend a significant amount of money on making sure the girls themselves look great. First cute and then beautiful, both of your girls have always loved looking their bests and their closets are proof that you have invested in that goal.
Now that both girls are out of the house, however, you need to find a Continue reading

Redecorating our Home the Right Way

The home is a nearly universal thing among American adults young or old, whether they are renters or homeowners, whether they are Millenials finding their first proper home or older parents whose child just moved out of the house. Any homeowner or renter today will want to create the most comfortable, practical, and stylish home interior they can, and this means knowing when and how to launch a remodeling or renovation project on the living the room, the kitchen, the bathroom, bedroom, or anything else. The living room is often the most popular target for remodeling or redecorating jobs today, and seeing as many Americans spend a lot of time in this area, it is little wonder that there is such an invested interest in it. Not only can a room’s decor and comfort be boosted when a renovation job is done, but its entire purpose may be changed, such as if a new baby is brought home or an adult child moves out. Best of all, many popular furniture themes are out there for homeowners to try ou Continue reading