When Was the Last Time You Purchased New Furniture for Your Home?

This is a year of transitions. After 21 years of being a parent you are now an empty nester. In the past two decades you have spent both time and energy making sure that your two daughters looked their best. From their person to their rooms, you have purchased contemporary and colorful pieces of furniture. You have helped the girls purchase several bedding sets to match their latest favorite colors. Your husband has helped decorate a way with an alternating pink and grey chevron pattern, and added a white chair rail studded with purple drier pulls as decorations around the top of the room.

In addition to making their rooms look great, as a mother of tow daughters you have also spend a significant amount of money on making sure the girls themselves look great. First cute and then beautiful, both of your girls have always loved looking their bests and their closets are proof that you have invested in that goal.

Now that both girls are out of the house, however, you need to find a new focus. With one daughter on a full academic scholarship for her undergraduate degree and the other in the middle of a one year nursing program that is also covered by scholarship, you find yourself with both extra time and extra money. Your husband has his golf and you certainly have your interests, but so much of the time in the past has been focused on the girls that you are looking for something to fill the void.

Do the Furnishings in Your Home Need a Little Tender Loving Care?

Updating the house seems to be the perfect solution. Although you have spent all of this money on the girls, you have also pretty much stayed within your budget. What has suffered these last 21 years is the house. In fact, with the exception of a cheap kitchen table and rugs for the wood floor in the kitchen you have done very little. You did hire someone to reupholster the hearth room chairs and ottoman once, but other than those few things the house looks the same as it did when you moved in more than two decades ago.

With the money you are non longer spending on the girls, you have decided to begin the process of redoing your home. The first update that you want to make is to purchase a craftsman dining table. You are not sure of the kind of chairs that you want, but you know that the craftsman dining table will have the look that you are after. You look pops of color, but prefer a more traditional look for the furniture. There is also some mission style living room furniture that has the clean lines that you want and you are hoping that after you make these first two purchase it will provide inspiration for the rest of the decisions that you need to make.

If you are in the process of redecorating your home, it is not unusual to start with a piece of furniture. Whether it is a craftsman dining table or a sofa, investing in a quality piece of furniture is always a good start. In fact, 60% of participants admit they would design their living room around a sofa. And while Interior designers recommend updating the decor of a room every five to 10 years, there are many home owners who wait much longer. Whatever the inspiration, whether it is a new piece of furniture or an expensive rug, sometimes it just takes an initial purchase to get your motivated. Especially if you are a brand new empty nester.

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