Bringing the Outside in with the Best Design Choices

We have a natural inclination to want to spend time outside. Perhaps the reason is we love to bask in the sunlight nature so amply provides. Or maybe we enjoy the fresh breezes or fragrances of the world outside our home’s doors. But here’s a question: Does your home even need doors? Of course, it’s an absurd notion to have a home without doors, but reconsidering the barriers between us and the outdoors can result in significant benefit both to you and your experience of living in your home. The way we interact with the environment is largely dependent on our view of it. It’s similar to our cars. Those who truly love their car find ways to being in it and taking care of it. It’s the same with the environment outside of your home: If you are drawn to it, you will find ways of both being in it and taking care of it. One of the best ways to immerse yourself in the outside is to incorporate outside living in your home’s plan. Here are some things to keep in mind while doing so.

Choose the Right Outdoor Spaces

The planning process of opening your home to the outside can be as fun as actually living your new life with fewer boundaries. When you decide to make this move, you can spend a few hours in areas of your yard, backyard or other area of the property. Try to do this at different times of the day. Take note of how the sun moves. Notice the shadows it casts. Get an understanding of how a partially cloudy day affects your experience in the space. Do the same for a fully cloudy day. If it rains or snows, take note of how the wind affects the direction of the precipitation. All these factors can influence where you decide to open your home to the outdoors.

Making sure the outside space adds the type of space you want is equally important. For instance, you have to figure out how much privacy you are going to want. Do you need to have a space that has a border blocking it from the view of neighbors? Are there natural elements that can be used for this purpose, or do you have to build a fence or other structure to shield you from the views of others? If that’s the case, would another area be perhaps a superior outdoor space? Asking these and related questions will make your decision to expand into the outdoors a better informed one. Also consider the impact your new space will have on your neighbors. Some people may take issue with certain spaces being utilized as outdoor living space. The design process should take this into account. The home decor of your outdoor space is also a consideration when thinking about how it will impact your neighbors. Although you may feel your home decor is none of their business, they may feel differently. A brief conversation or even a simple meal together may help to alleviate any concerns.

Choose the Right Home Decor to Bring Spaces Together

If you decide to drop the barriers between the inside of your home and a space outside, you should consider more than just interior design trends before talking to interior designers. You should also think about how home decor can compliment a space that also shares the outdoors. The color scheme of the area is going to change based on the natural environment. Decorating the area should therefore help form a connection between inside and outside. Think about the kind of transition you want to experience as you go from point A to point B. Should it be stark? Perhaps you want it to feel seamless. Before talking to a top interior designer, give these issues some thought.

Focus on the Big Picture

Getting the most out of a design decision is going to depend on thinking about the end objective. You have to picture yourself in the space and what you’re going to do there. Whether you’re reading a book, sipping wine or just lounging, imagine it and share it with your loved ones. Invite them into the space and into the conversation. Have fun, and enjoy the process.

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