Finding the Right Mattress for Your Sleeping Style

Double sided mattress

Choosing a mattress can be a very important decision. How well you sleep also affects how well you deal with your waking day. Lack of sleep or disturbed or broken sleep makes people irritable, unable to focus and tired. Not a good way to face life and all the challenges and opportunities it brings. With the vast variety of mattresses offered by manufacturers, it’s important to choose the one that’s right for you. Foam or coil, firm or soft, warm or cool, and one sided or double sided mattresses try and match individual sleeping styles and preferences with the right type of mattress for a good night’s sleep.

Why choosing the right mattress is important
When buying a new mattress, it’s worthwhile to take a little time to find the one that’s right for you. This takes a little effort on your part, but keep in mind that the average life of a mattress is about seven years. Add to that the fact that we spend one third of our lives in bed. So it’s best to find a mattress that’s comfortable for you.
A quality mattress may cost more, but it’s a sound investment. That’s because the quality of your sleep matters, and it’s directly affected by the comfort of your mattress. In fact 92% of people believe that for a good night’s sleep, you need a good mattress.

Why the quality of sleep matters
We all know that when you’ve had a bad night, the next day isn’t going to go too well either. You’ll be tired, irritable and unable to focus on work. You might even find yourself nodding off to sleep during the day. Depending on where you are and what you’re doing at the time, the consequences can range from merely embarrassing to potentially disastrous.
A surprisingly large number of people feel that they aren’t getting enough sleep. More than half or 53% of women feel that they don’t get enough sleep and 44% of men report the same. Most of the time, the basic culprit behind lack of sleep is an unsuitable mattress, which may be old, lumpy or just the wrong style for you.

What’s your style?
Sleeping styles are very individual, and people may prefer soft beds, or more support from a firm mattress. For people who prefer a soft bed, foam top mattresses may be the answer. For those suffering from chronic pain, there is a mattress for a bad back. Such pressure relieving mattresses are the best mattress for a bad back, since they allow people suffering from arthritis and similar conditions to sleep well.
There’s also a choice to be made between single sided and double sided mattresses. Double sided mattresses are in fact the more traditional design, and many people prefer them for that reason. They do need to be turned frequently, so that they wear evenly instead of developing lumps even depressions in some areas.

Whatever your individual preferences, for foam or double sided mattresses, or a luxury mattress, it helps to take the time to do your homework before making the purchase. You are investing in your comfort and well being.

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