Nautical Decor Setting Sail With A Brand New Look For Your Home

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Home decorating. While seemingly benign, this activity can turn into little more than an argument, with one party fighting for what they want and the other desperate to have a say somewhere. Yes, it may seem silly — but when you think about it, it’s no wonder that people care so much about what their homes look like. Your house is your oasis; it’s where you’re supposed to come home and relax. For that matter, many people find that their homes are creative outlets, in a sense. You can express your personality through decor, as well as make a great first impression to incoming visitors. This is why many are willing to spend a good bit of money on interior decorating, though they don’t necessarily have to. That’s right — while you should expect to spend some kind of money on decorating, in reality you don’t have to break the bank to get what you want. Of course, knowing what you want is really the first step. A popular trend in recent years is anchor decor and nautical decorations. Nautical home decor is rustic, while at the same time being a little on the quirky side. But if you want to go for this trend, you need to really commit to it — that’s the selling point. So, how can you do that?

Furniture: Going Nautical

Many people are getting tired of traditional decorations. Right now, only 44% of Americans say that they prefer a traditional look. The rest of them prefer modern at 22%, eclectic at 13%, country at 10%, and global at 2%. In total, though, 47% of Americans haven’t updated their home’s look within the past five years. The issue with this is that people get bored, and can even become a bit gloomy in their homes. Indeed, only 20% of Americans report feeling happy with their home decor, and 14% say they feel outright gloomy about the way their home is decorated. Simply by switching to a nautical theme and incorporating furniture reminiscent of the seaside can change that in a big way. Some nautical home decorations are fairly subtle. You could choose a sofa with a certain print and color scheme, or perhaps an entire furniture set with this look. Some furniture sets come with patterns that fit into anchor decor, while others are more obvious. Yes, you can really go “there” with nautical home decorations.

Out Of The Box: Nautical Decor

So, when we say anchor decor, you probably don’t think that you can actually buy an anchor for your home, can you? You actually can. Some people use anchor decor as conversation pieces. They certainly liven up the room and get people talking. If you want to go all out with nautical decorations, however, there are plenty of other options. Some people like the idea of an armillary globe; not only does this fit into the theme, but it also suggests travel and globalism. Others like to seek out antiques. Antique diving helmets can be bought and incorporated into decor, as can Navy diving helmets and even ship figureheads. Others tend to move towards the “kitsch” side of decor. You could have a life preserver as a part of your decor, as well as a wall mounted bell or even a mermaid barometer.

Nautical Decorations: Outside The House

Of course, this kind of decor isn’t just appropriate for the home. It can be used in certain places of business as well. Many seafood restaurants like to go for a nautical theme; this emphasizes the idea of fresh-caught, tasty food to potential diners. Most of the items that you could use as decor within the house could just easily be used in places like this. Whether you’re going for a residential or commercial look, you’ll definitely catch the eye with a nautical theme.

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