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Why Your Charitable Donations Matter

Charitable giving is hugely popular all throughout the United States. In fact, more than 95% of all people have given to charity at least once and nearly three quarters of the population will give charitably at least once on a yearly basis. For many people, charitable giving is a great way to give back to the world as a whole. Among more than 60% those donors who have high net worth, charitable giving is done in order to give back to the community. In total, encompassing all American peoples, very nearly 5% of the collective yearly income generated throughout that span of time will be sent to various charitable organizations throughout the country and even beyond it.

Of course, there are some people who might wish to give back but simply do not have the funds to do so. Many of us are living paycheck to paycheck and while we might not be in need of charitable aid ourselves, we are not so easily able to part with any of our money, needing it for survival instead. Fortunately, there Continue reading

When Was the Last Time That You Made a Charitable Donation?

You had a surprise when you went in for your substitute teaching job today. The classroom hours of the day were normal, but their was an extended home room time. The junior class all went to the auditorium for an motivational assembly about the upcoming April ACT test, but the rest of the classes were in their home rooms. These freshmen, sophomores, and seniors were asked to use their school issued laptops to to make an Extra Mile Award Nomination. In a year when all of the school districts in the city are focusing on a Be Kind philosophy, the building administrators thought the extra time this morning could be spent creating a 30 second video about one word students think of when they hear the phrase Be Kind.
Far from growing weary of this message, both schools and the community have found the Be Kind movement pretty contagious. American Red Cross donations have increased and there are an increasing number of churches and businesses in the area that are dedicating specific days t Continue reading

Taking A Look At The Many Benefits Of Red Cross Clothing Pickup In The United States

The Red Cross provides a wide range of valuable services to people throughout the country, who are facing disasters. From natural disasters like a hurricane to personal disasters like a house fire, the Red Cross is available to help families with their essentials including someone to stay, food, clothing, and more.

When disasters strike, many families are not prepared for the reality that follows. Even families who think they are prepared may be taken by surprise. For example, if you are the victim of a house fire, you may have insurance to replace your home and your belongings, but would you have a place to stay immediately? Where would you go that night?

In addition to facing unforeseen needs, immediately following the disaster, those impacted are mentally exhausted and emotionally raw. They are not in a good place to find solutions or make decisions. They need help, support, and kindness.

A Red Cross clothing pickup is one of the many ways the Red Cross raises funds Continue reading

Three Reasons to Donate Clothing

Red cross clothing pickup

Do you have too many clothes in your closet? When was the last time you wore that suit or that dress? If it was too long ago, it may be time to get rid of it. But instead of throwing the clothing away, consider donating it. Your old clothes, that are doing nothing but collecting dust in your closet, can be donated and help people around the country. Almost all textiles can be donated, regardless of style or most conditions. Not only can you help people that truly need it, you may also get deductions on your taxes. Red Cross clothing pick up makes it easy to donate your used clothing to a good cause. Here are additional reasons why you should donate your old clothing.

1. Americans have a lot of clothing. Nearly 20 billion garments are purchased each year by Americans. That breaks down to 68 garments combined with 7 pairs of shoes for every American per year. You probably have clothes in your closets from last year or the year before that. Who needs all that clothing? You probably are not even wearing half of it. Donate some of you old clothes. This can clear out your closet, remove some of the clutter, and simplify you life. Or maybe it will just allow you space to add more things to your wardrobe. Whatever your reason, by donating clothes you can get rid of the items you no longer use. Red Cross clothing pick up makes donation easy.

2. Used clothing does not just stay in the U.S. Over 14.3 million tons of used textiles donated by Americans help clothe people around the world. Families around the world can benefit from you cleaning out your closet. They could go to help children in Asia or people in Florida. They could help the family next door or half-way across the world. Clean out your closet and instead of letting the clothing sit in an overflowing landfill, donate it and let someone else benefit. Red Cross clothing pick up can pick up your clothing donations and make sure they get redistributed.

3. Contribute to the economy. Non-profits contribute over $666 billion to the U.S. economy each year. By choosing a reputable non-profit to donate your clothing to, you are contributing to the economy. Maybe somebody will buy that clothing in a second-hand store. Maybe it will be used to help clothe a family that would otherwise not have clothing. Know that you are helping more than the people that directly benefit from your clothing donation. You are helping boost the economy while you clean out your closet.

Red Cross clothing pick up makes donating painless and convenient. No matter your reason for donating your used clothing, Red Cross donation centers can make sure your used clothing donations are properly handled and given to the people that need them the most. When you donate clothes to Red Cross, you are giving to a charity with a strong history of helping those in need. Clean out your closet and keep clothes out of the landfills by donating your used clothing.

The Benefits of Donating To Red Cross

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Out of all of the people living in the United States, 70% will donate to charity each year. For some people, they will donate their money to a charity to help further the research of breast cancer for instance. Other people will donate in other ways by either donating their time working to help people or if they donate clothes to Red Cross.

About 3% of all American income is given to charities every single year. There are always different reasons for why people want to donate to charities. However, a chief motivation according to 63% of all high net worth donors is giving back to the community. People feel good about themselves when they can help others even if its a simple action when they donate clothes to Red Cross.

In the month of January in the year 2015, there were 564,708 homeless people on a given night in the United States. For these people they not only do not have a home to live in, but they often do not have food to eat or clothing to wear. This is where the Red Cross steps in as it helps give clothing to the homeless. The American National Red Cross is considered by some to be the 13th largest United States charity when ranked amongst other private donations and in 2014 it received $687 million in private donations. Here is why you should donate clothes to Red Cross.

Clothing Donations Are Easy

If you want to donate clothing then rest assured that clothes donations are incredibly easy. Understand that there is a Red Cross clothing pickup schedule in which Red Cross will come to your house to pick up the clothing. This allows you to simply leave a bag of your old clothing outside of your house for someone to pick it up.

The Environmental Protection Agency has released information revealing that on average most Americans will throw away ten pounds of clothes per person each year. About 15% of the homeless population are chronically so, which means they are constantly homeless with no place to stay. These people could desperately use all of the clothing that is thrown away each year. Internationally, more than 14.3 million tons of clothing helps people and families across the globe.

It Is a Really Good Cause

The annual value contributed to the United States economy by non-profits equates to about $666.1 billion dollars. So it easily goes without saying that these non-profits are an intricate part of the foundation of this country as they help to stimulate the economy while also helping those in need. Understand that if you donate clothes to Red Cross, you can help go above and beyond. This is because the American Red Cross helps provide relief for families and communities in the form of blankets, food, shelter, and even blood donations.

In Conclusion

Whenever you donate to a charity of your choosing, that donation can be written off as a tax deductible for whatever items you donate. Whether you donate clothes to Red Cross or donate money to another charity, there are so many benefits for you. Not only will donating help you financially, it is also a good thing to do. Do something that will help give you a feeling of greatness, but will also help out someone who desperately needs your help.

3 Suggestions for How to Get Rid of Stuff

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Summer is ending and fall is fast approaching and the cleaning bug is heading in. Pretty soon we are going to be pulling our sweaters, jackets and boots out of storage or the back of the closet or under the bed, or wherever you stashed them. Some people may have dropped off their winter closed as used clothing donations at a Red Cross donation center. If that’s the case, you may have to buy a new jacket. Whatever the case may be, the changing of the seasons is a good time to step back and evaluate your home. It’s amazing how much stuff we pick up over time. You could have done a deep spring cleaning and then just a few short months later, your possessions have once again cluttered up your home. What better time to go through everything than that weird in between not summer anymore but not yet fall time? Here’s a few tips about what to do with the things you’re getting rid of.

  1. Yard Sale
    If you have a garage or a large front yard then you could set up a few tables and blankets on the ground and sell your things to passers by. The best way to advertise a yard sale is to find out when your community usually has yard sales, which is probably on a Saturday or Sunday when most people aren’t working. Then, draw up some signs on the nearest main street that say ‘yard sale’ with an arrow pointing your direction. Lots of people purposely go out looking for yard sale signs on weekends. You can also advertise your yard sale on sites like Offer Up or Craig’s List. It’s a good way to attract attention in order to get rid of things you don’t need or want as well as make a little money. Don’t be too picky when it comes to prices if you are going to do a yard sale. People don’t usually want to spend a lot and will probably barter for lower prices once they find an item they want.

  2. Donate
    The Red Cross donation center and other organizations are always looking for clothes donations as well as other things. The great thing about these organizations is they may actually pick up the items for you. If you gather all of the things together that you want to donate, you can then call the Red Cross donation center and arrange a time that the Red Cross pickup service can come and get your donations. It’s a great way to clear out your home but at the same time, still put those items to use with families that need them. You may never know who your stuff went to or how it helped but it will make you feel so good, knowing that you’ve played a part in potentially changing a life. There’s really no excuse not to donate. You’re getting rid of the things anyway, it doesn’t put you out if you don’t even have to go to the Red Cross donation center; they come to you and the items are helping someone. It’s a win/win/win.

  3. Sell Them
    Offer Up and Craig’s List were mentioned earlier in regards to advertising your yard sale. If you have the patience and don’t mind not getting rid of stuff immediately, you can take pictures of all your gently used items and put them on these sites for people to see. It’s sort of like an online yard sale. Sometimes you will get better prices for your items than you would at a real yard sale though. Once you accept someone’s offer, it’s up to you whether you want to deliver the item to them or have them come and get it. If you take the items to them, you might make a little more money if you charge for delivery. However, it can be a lot more convenient to have them come to you.

Getting rid of stuff is a good idea. It helps not only to clear your home and make it easier to keep clean but also to clear your mind. It’s easier to focus and concentrate on other things when you know your home is in order.