Three Reasons to Donate Clothing

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Do you have too many clothes in your closet? When was the last time you wore that suit or that dress? If it was too long ago, it may be time to get rid of it. But instead of throwing the clothing away, consider donating it. Your old clothes, that are doing nothing but collecting dust in your closet, can be donated and help people around the country. Almost all textiles can be donated, regardless of style or most conditions. Not only can you help people that truly need it, you may also get deductions on your taxes. Red Cross clothing pick up makes it easy to donate your used clothing to a good cause. Here are additional reasons why you should donate your old clothing.

1. Americans have a lot of clothing. Nearly 20 billion garments are purchased each year by Americans. That breaks down to 68 garments combined with 7 pairs of shoes for every American per year. You probably have clothes in your closets from last year or the year before that. Who needs all that clothing? You probably are not even wearing half of it. Donate some of you old clothes. This can clear out your closet, remove some of the clutter, and simplify you life. Or maybe it will just allow you space to add more things to your wardrobe. Whatever your reason, by donating clothes you can get rid of the items you no longer use. Red Cross clothing pick up makes donation easy.

2. Used clothing does not just stay in the U.S. Over 14.3 million tons of used textiles donated by Americans help clothe people around the world. Families around the world can benefit from you cleaning out your closet. They could go to help children in Asia or people in Florida. They could help the family next door or half-way across the world. Clean out your closet and instead of letting the clothing sit in an overflowing landfill, donate it and let someone else benefit. Red Cross clothing pick up can pick up your clothing donations and make sure they get redistributed.

3. Contribute to the economy. Non-profits contribute over $666 billion to the U.S. economy each year. By choosing a reputable non-profit to donate your clothing to, you are contributing to the economy. Maybe somebody will buy that clothing in a second-hand store. Maybe it will be used to help clothe a family that would otherwise not have clothing. Know that you are helping more than the people that directly benefit from your clothing donation. You are helping boost the economy while you clean out your closet.

Red Cross clothing pick up makes donating painless and convenient. No matter your reason for donating your used clothing, Red Cross donation centers can make sure your used clothing donations are properly handled and given to the people that need them the most. When you donate clothes to Red Cross, you are giving to a charity with a strong history of helping those in need. Clean out your closet and keep clothes out of the landfills by donating your used clothing.

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