Why Your Charitable Donations Matter

Charitable giving is hugely popular all throughout the United States. In fact, more than 95% of all people have given to charity at least once and nearly three quarters of the population will give charitably at least once on a yearly basis. For many people, charitable giving is a great way to give back to the world as a whole. Among more than 60% those donors who have high net worth, charitable giving is done in order to give back to the community. In total, encompassing all American peoples, very nearly 5% of the collective yearly income generated throughout that span of time will be sent to various charitable organizations throughout the country and even beyond it.

Of course, there are some people who might wish to give back but simply do not have the funds to do so. Many of us are living paycheck to paycheck and while we might not be in need of charitable aid ourselves, we are not so easily able to part with any of our money, needing it for survival instead. Fortunately, there are still ways in which just about every single person can give back to those who are in need. After all, not all charitable donations are monetary ones. For instance, taking the time to donate old clothing is something that can be universally participated in.

The average person in the United States, as a matter of fact, now consumes more clothing than ever before. In fact, a single person will go through up to 68 garments and 7 pairs of shoes in this same span of time – and that’s just on average, with some people consuming far more indeed. And in comparison to just two decades in our past, the American person consumes double in terms of articles of clothing than what they did then. To put things even more starkly, a woman living about 100 years in the past would have owned an average of 9 outfits – and would even have been relatively lucky to do so. Nowadays, however, it is much more common for an American woman to own as many as 30 different and complete outfits, one for just about every single day of the month. And in the years that are ahead of us, this level of clothing consumption is most certainly only likely to accelerate.

So most of us can donate old clothing with ease. But when you’re looking to donate old clothing, you have to decide to what organization it will go. For many people, this organization is none other than the American Red Cross. American Red Cross donations like American Red Cross clothing donations from those who have taken the time to donate old clothing will nearly always be welcome. After all, American Red Cross locations are open each and every day of the year and each and every hour of the day, meaning that the Red Cross as a whole services an immense number of people each day. In addition to this, the American Red Cross provides a wide range of services, from shelter to blood to donated clothing, blankets, and food. If you’re looking to donate old clothing, the American Red Cross is most certainly a worthy organization – and a reputable one, for that matter – to donate old clothing to.

But where can you donate old clothing when looking to give it to the American Red Cross? Fortunately, this too has become easier than ever before. American Red Cross clothing pick up sites provide the perfect place to donate old clothing. All you have to do is drop them off. And American Red Cross clothing pick up sites have become truly more prevalent than ever before, given the fact that more people are looking to donate old clothing and other used goods than ever before as well. And every time that you donate old clothing, you help those in need and even the environment, as you are not sending your clothing to be thrown in a landfill, as is really all too often the case. At the end of the day, taking the time to donate old clothing is something that will be well worth your time.

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