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Gain Your Independence and Move Off Campus

What can make attending the university of your choice even better? Student housing! Living on-campus is a great idea when you first start at a university. However, after your freshman year it is time to focus and get serious about your degree.

The facts speak for themselves. According to an article printed in 2016 in the New York Times, 87% of university students lived off campus. In the United States, new units are rented nearly every 80 seconds. New renters move their belongings into apartments every 30 seconds. That is a lot of moving going on off-campus when you factor in that a majority of students, at least at some point in their undergraduate college career, are choosing to live off-campus.

A Property Management Company Can Positively College Experiences

When it comes to housing options off campus, you can’t get better help finding great student housing options than from a property management company. They can assist you in finding off campus Continue reading