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How To Organize Your Crafting Space

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Crafting is becoming more and more popular all throughout the United States. From scrapbooking to quilting, there are many different outlets for crafting and many different reasons that people craft. More and more people are taking up crafting as a hobby as well, with the number of quilters in the United States alone totaling more than twenty million people and now more than sixty percent of all households in the United States say that they participate in crafting activities on a regular basis, a nearly ten percent increase from just a few years past.

One reason for the increased rates of crafting is that it, no matter what type, can be beneficial in relieving stress. In fact, crafting can actually have an impact on levels of depression. In one study done on people suffering from clinical depression, it was found that they reported feelings of happiness after participating in a crafting activity. This occurred because crafting can actually release additional dopamine in your brai


The Benefits Of Redecorating Your Home

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From outdoor log furniture to a hutch for rustic style decor, how you decorate your home is a matter of importance for many people throughout the United States. In fact, the majority of households in the United States feel defined by their furniture and overall home decor choices, whether they prefer outdoor log furniture or aspen log bedroom furniture.

With baby boomers spending money consistently on home renovation and redecoration projects, typically with budgets as high as three thousand dollars and Generation X close behind with an average budget of around two thousand and five hundred dollars and even millennials spending more than one thousand dollars on a typical home redecoration venture, the furniture and decor industry in the United States is thriving, continuing to grow by as much as seven percent each year. By 2019, less than one year from now, the furniture industry as a whole is expected to bring in nearly seven billion dollars in the United States alone.



5 Reasons to Choose Independent Living for Your Senior Parent

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Independent senior living is a great opportunity for those who have the ability to live on their own but want the amenities and qualities of living in a community. Seniors living independently within a community have the same lifestyle that they would normally have, but with added benefits.

The benefits of these communities are innumerable, but there are a few big ones that can really make life easier and more enjoyable.


Just like they would have at their own home, seniors living independently are given the ability to go about their day as they choose. If they want to eat or enjoy activities by themselves then they can do so, or they can choose to do them with the community. Residents, not patients, have the ability to choose how they perform their daily moments.

Home Maintenance

One of the biggest hassles for seniors is having to constantly try to maintain their home. In most communities, they no longer have to worry about any aspect of maintenance — down to changing a lightbulb. Everything regarding maintenance is taken care of both inside and out.


The average age of a retiree is 63, and many people able to function well for decades after. Some seniors, however, end up having a hard time socializing with people. Whether it’s with family, friends, or strangers, it can often be difficult to be social. In a community, they have the opportunity to meet and interact with people just like them and form new friendships. In fact, many second marriages have begun in independent living communities.


Grocery shopping, food preparation, cooking — all taken care of with independent living facilities for seniors. Many communities will make sure that everyone receives a nutritional diet with every essential food they need and may even have a dietician on staff as well.


Many facilities and communities provide all-inclusive rent, which means that the only charge the seniors receive is for rent. Everything else involved with the community is part of that rent, which means no surprises or upcharges along the way.

Independent living can be a great option for those who want to continue living with the freedom that they’re used to, but with the ease and care of an assisted living facility.


The Case For Urgent Care Centers

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Timely primary medical care

The benefits of urgent care centers versus and emergency center are many. Though many people may think that an emergency center is their only option for medical treatment if they are on a tight schedule or do not have a general care physician, emergency centers tend to be crowded and too busy. This means that patients must waste up to an hour in an emergency center before they are even seen by a nurse, and their total stay tends to be hours long, especially if they are considered to be a non emergent case. These emergency healthcare services are often prohibitively expensive as well, ranging up past one thousand dollars


3 Ways to Help Seniors Avoid Falls in Their Homes

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Throughout our lives, everyone has fallen down at least once. That being said, the kind of fall that a younger person can easily get up from doesn’t always happen when seniors slip. In fact, statistics show that every 11 seconds a senior citizen is treated in an emergency room for injuries that took place due to falling. Considering that, it’s important to know that there are ways you can help the senior in your life. With that in mind, here are three ways to prevent seniors from falling in their own home.

  1. Make Use of a Walking Aid

    If you’re considering a cane for the senior in your life, this is a popular choice of gift. In fact, statistics show that nearly 7 million people in the United States use some type of device to aid their mobility. One of the most popular mobility aids are walking canes. Whether you’re looking for decorative canes or something a litt

Behind Home Decor And Furniture Sales In The United States

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Furniture store

Home decor, while many may not pay it much thought, can be more important than many people realize. After all, home decor and the furniture stores that you buy it from can speak volumes about your taste and, therefore, your personality. Unfortunately, only around 20% (one in every five) of people in the United States report that they feel adequately satisfied with how their home is decorated, and much of this has to do with the fact that as many as half of all Americans have not seriously visited furniture stores or considered redecorating and updating their furniture and home decor within the last five years, with many having refrained from decorating even longer.

Redecorating can absolutely increase the enjoyment of ones home, and there are a number of popular styles that are often considered when a hou


What Are the Benefits Of Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service For Move-Out?

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Move out cleaning

Hiring professional cleaning services for your apartment movement could be a smart choice. Few people have on hand the appropriate cleaning supplies necessary to truly make a room sparkle. Dirty carpets require special equipment. Washing windows and wiping down floor boards require an attention to detail few people want to practice during the stresses of moving.

Can Hiring Professional Cleaning Services Help You Recoup Your Safety Deposit?

The big question when it comes to moving out of an apartment is if you will regain your security deposit. There are alwa


Putting Your Used Clothes in the Right Hands

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Donate clothing

Americans own more clothing than ever before. With a low cost of labor, materials, production, shipping, and distribution, it is much easier to buy a new t-shirt or pair of pants than any other time in the past. Americans are buying more than 20 billion pieces of clothing per year. If this were broken down into the average amount of garments purchased per American per year, it would break down such that each American was purchasing nearly 68 garments and 7 pairs of shoes per year (more than one piece of clothing a week)!

While that might sound nice — the ability to purchase more and more items nowadays than ever before, it also comes with its issues, the foremost of which are that people are throwing away more clothing than ever before too. People aren’t holding onto clothes so as much as they are throw