How To Organize Your Crafting Space

Crafting is becoming more and more popular all throughout the United States. From scrapbooking to quilting, there are many different outlets for crafting and many different reasons that people craft. More and more people are taking up crafting as a hobby as well, with the number of quilters in the United States alone totaling more than twenty million people and now more than sixty percent of all households in the United States say that they participate in crafting activities on a regular basis, a nearly ten percent increase from just a few years past.

One reason for the increased rates of crafting is that it, no matter what type, can be beneficial in relieving stress. In fact, crafting can actually have an impact on levels of depression. In one study done on people suffering from clinical depression, it was found that they reported feelings of happiness after participating in a crafting activity. This occurred because crafting can actually release additional dopamine in your brain, therefore increasing your dopamine levels, something that patients with clinical depression suffer from a lack of, often in a very pronounced way. Crafting, though merely a hobby for many, has become a way to make a living for some. Through online platforms such as Etsy, many people are taking their hobbies and making them into full blown businesses. In fact, in a survey of five thousand people who market their crafts on Etsy, nearly one hundred percent said that they considered their crafting as part of their business and not simply a way to relax or pass time.

But the majority of these Etsy sellers worked from home, and so it is also important that the crafter’s space be as need and as organized as possible, whether or not they craft as part of a business or purely for fun and stress relief. There are many ways to achieve this organization and storage functionality of a work space, and scrapbooking room furniture is usually the way to go. Scrapbooking room furniture can mean any number of items, and it is up to the individual to choose the best scrapbooking room furniture to utilize their space.

Multifunction furniture, such as a file bench, is one popular option for scrapbooking room furniture, ideal because it can fit into small spaces and combine form and function to best utilize that space. Other options include modular furniture cubes, also ideal because of the extent of their customizability, easy to maneuver into different configurations, all depending on the space that a crafter has to work in. Many people choose to consier hanging craft storage when looking into scrapbooking room furniture, as it is another clever and creative way to organize what might otherwise be a small and overly cramped space.

Crafting storage solutions can be many, from scrapbooking room furniture to multifunctional furniture for small spaces. It is important for crafters, particularly those who craft as a career and a business, to work in as organized of a space as is possible, even when their space for crafting is limited or cramped.

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