Behind Home Decor And Furniture Sales In The United States

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Home decor, while many may not pay it much thought, can be more important than many people realize. After all, home decor and the furniture stores that you buy it from can speak volumes about your taste and, therefore, your personality. Unfortunately, only around 20% (one in every five) of people in the United States report that they feel adequately satisfied with how their home is decorated, and much of this has to do with the fact that as many as half of all Americans have not seriously visited furniture stores or considered redecorating and updating their furniture and home decor within the last five years, with many having refrained from decorating even longer.

Redecorating can absolutely increase the enjoyment of ones home, and there are a number of popular styles that are often considered when a household is embarking on a redecorating project or a revamping of their overall home decor. Many of these themes can be easily found in a wide variety of furniture stores, and even a typical outdoor furniture company will reflect aspects of these designs. The most popular way to decorate in the United States is considered to be “traditional,” which could certainly have different meanings for different households. Following behind are the themes of modernism, eclectic, country, and, finally, global. These themes are popular for home decor, and many people will choose to incorporate elements from a number of these home decoration categories. From bedroom decor to dining room decor, many homeowners in the United States are looking to have a cohesive theme of home decor across their home, but some choose to base their themes on the room itself, varying the theme from room to room. There are many aspects to home decor, from the wall art chosen to the rugs that are used. Certain aspects of home decor can even help to save households money. Draperies, for example, can help to reduce heat loss by as much as 10% during the winter.

Many households are also considering the longevity of the furniture that they purchase from furniture stores, with the vast majority looking to purchase furniture that will last them for many years. Many of these customers opt to purchase wood furniture, as furniture made of wood of all kinds is typically thought to be sturdier than furniture that is made of alternate materials.

There are all different motivations to redecorate your home or change your style of home decor, but many choose to redecorate in order to feel happier with the appearance of their home. After all, more than 70% of people in the United States agree that their home decor represents them, and the majority also believe that home decor can be a good indicator of both personality and overall character. Many believe that furniture can accurately reflect someone’s personality, and many people are happier with their homes and with themselves when they believe that their furniture is an appropriate representation of their personalities and their families.

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