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Millions of Baby Boomers are Turning 65, But Is The Rock and Roll Generation Ready To Settle Down?

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Assisted living in maryland

The great news for American seniors is that life expectancy continues to increase worldwide: just 100 years ago, the average life expectancy was under 60 years old for both men and women. Nowadays, senior citizens can reasonably expect to live well into their 80s, and with millions of “Baby Boomers” reaching their mid-60s, senior care services are expected to continue to expand.

Approximately 70% of older Americans will find that they need skilled nursing care at some point; the cost of assisted living can often be covered by pension programs and insurance policies. The cost of living alone, without spouse or children, can often be measured emotionally. Finding assisted living homes that allow for independence and safety can help older adults find unexpected friendships and can help them