Millions of Baby Boomers are Turning 65, But Is The Rock and Roll Generation Ready To Settle Down?

Assisted living in maryland

The great news for American seniors is that life expectancy continues to increase worldwide: just 100 years ago, the average life expectancy was under 60 years old for both men and women. Nowadays, senior citizens can reasonably expect to live well into their 80s, and with millions of “Baby Boomers” reaching their mid-60s, senior care services are expected to continue to expand.

Approximately 70% of older Americans will find that they need skilled nursing care at some point; the cost of assisted living can often be covered by pension programs and insurance policies. The cost of living alone, without spouse or children, can often be measured emotionally. Finding assisted living homes that allow for independence and safety can help older adults find unexpected friendships and can help them take the time to pursue hobbies and entertainment options.

Many eldercare facilities also offer their residents the option of attending a day program, with meals and group activities provided. Maintaining mobility and having daily conversations with their peers is often an excellent option; seniors who live alone may face some challenges in walking and in performing everyday tasks like laundry and grocery shopping, and having consistent assistance can also improve seniors’ physical health.

The cost of assisted living can vary: with a wide array of senior housing options available, seniors may be surprised to discover that the cost of nursing homes or independent senior citizen housing is more affordable than they realized. Depending upon the level of medical care that is required, the cost of assisted living can vary widely; seniors and their families should contact local facilities for their pricing details.

Every senior housing facility is different, and finding a vacancy in local nursing homes may take months or longer. Wait lists are available for popular senior citizen housing, and tours are recommended for potential residents. Many seniors choose nursing homes or independent living options that allow them to be close to older relatives and friends. Finding a local nursing home or residence with a day program and plenty of activities to choose from can be great for more mobile seniors, while finding one with skilled nursing care can be best for seniors dealing with more serious health concerns.

Overall, the nursing staff and support staff who work with senior citizens are dedicated, highly-trained professionals and are eager to get to know new residents’ life histories in order to provide them the best care possible. Nurses and other health care professionals work for years to qualify to take care of senior citizens, and taking a visit to a facility in order to meet the nurses on staff is also highly recommended.

Sometimes seniors find friends in unexpected places, and becoming comfortable with nursing staff can also have an extensive therapeutic value. As more Americans age into their senior years, the face of American nursing care will continue to evolve. Senior citizens today are looking for more activities, more stimulation, and the ability to visit with their friends and family. The cost of nursing homes may be an important subject of research, but experts estimate the cost of isolation and depression among older Americans to be much higher.

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