What You Didnt Know About Accident Towing

Watch this video to learn more about accident towing. Accidents are inevitable, and one of the things many people do when involved in one is to call an accident towing service provider. Here are three things you probably did not know about accident towing.

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Accident towing can be pricey, and many people are not given a chance to agree to the fines beforehand. However, if you have roadside assistance on your policy, your insurance will pick up the tab.

To avoid paying storage fees, you can ask the accident towing firm to deliver your vehicle to your chosen location. Choosing your site also prevents you from paying for a second tow and allows you a faster examination of damage.

If the accident towing company hauls your vehicle to a scrap or salvage yard, you will want to remove it quickly to avoid incurring additional daily storage fees. On the other hand, if the insurance company representing the other party wants to evaluate the damages, you will leave it where it is until they are finished.

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