Impress Your Family by Installing Your Own Shingles

If you are planning on doing your own roof installation, there are plenty of ways to botch an installation. You can save yourself a lot of time and money by either hiring a residential roof installation company to do it for you, or by learning how to do it right the first time. In this video, you will learn how to install shingles like a pro.

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You can impress your family with these skills too!

Regardless of if you are installing shingles or repairing them, you should always put safety first. It is important to be wearing safety equipment such as a harness or a rope to keep you from falling off the roof. It happens fairly frequently unfortunately. Once you are all geared up, you will want to install the drip edge over the side of the roof. The step after the drip edge is the felt installation. It should cover the entire face of your roof to protect it from moisture. After this, you can start installing the shingles. They should overlap some on both the sides and the top. If you need to cut shingles to make them fit on the sides, that works too.


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