The Benefits of Solar Shingles For Your Family

You probably already know the benefits of solar panels. They provide you with a source of clean energy that doesn’t make you dependent on the electric company. However, have you heard of solar shingles? These shingles act as shingle panels. Yet, they fit seamlessly on your roof just like normal shingles. You don’t need any special mounting devices to attach them on top of your roof.

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That is because they are your roof! They look so much better than normal solar panels without losing the benefits of solar. In this video, you will learn more about solar roofing.

If you were already thinking of contacting your roofing company to get a quote, this may be a great opportunity for you. If you already need to replace your roof, this is a great time to add solar shingles. You can solve two problems at once without have to spend extra money. Essentially the costs of a new roof and solar panels have been merged into one cost. Sure, it is more expensive than a normal roof. Yet, it would be cheaper than a new roof and solar panels. This is where the cost savings really come into play. Plus, the federal government and many state governments offer tax credits for installing solar solutions.


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