Tips for Maintaining a Garage Door

If you are interested in learning more about what your garage door service includes, consider getting some advice from people in the field. Your home garage door likely gets used almost everyday, so keeping on top of repairs and maintenance is important to keep them working properly. If your garage door came with an owners manual, it is a great idea to check it for specific needs and requirements.

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You should consider testing the balance of your garage door, by removing it from the carriage and manually lifting it about halfway to ensure it stays in place. You should also check to be sure your sensors are working properly for correct operation and safety. You can test this by putting an object under the garage door and closing it. If the door moves back up before reaching the item in the way, you know that this sensor is properly working. You should check the back up battery of your door to make sure it works properly without the plug being engaged. Keeping your garage door pieces clean will help with any friction or issues arising while the door is sliding on and off the track.

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