Teaching Your Baby to Sleep on a New Schedule

New parents will have many new responsibilities when they bring their child home from the hospital, and parents may find themselves living with a very different schedule once their baby arrives. Unlike their parents, babies have a fragmented and somewhat erratic schedule for eating, sleep, and elimination, and parents will have to get used to this. This even means that parents may find themselves woken up several times each night when their baby needs food, attention, or a diaper change, and a baby’s sleep schedule may feel very inconvenient for the parents. But a baby can’t be simply asked to change its schedule, so an expert may be called in for help. Training your baby to sleep is fully possible when a baby sleep coaching company is contacted, and a baby sleep coach may be sent to the household to help. Many new parents might not even realize that this service exists, but baby sleep coaching companies can be found across the nation, and baby sleep training may help new parents get a good night’s rest.

Why Baby Sleep Coaching Companies Are Hired

As mentioned above, babies tend to have a very different schedule than their parents. A baby may need to eat and eliminate often, and not on the same timetable as an adult or even an adolescent. New babies need feeding every two to three hours, and they may eliminate almost as often. This means that a baby is bound to wake up more than once each night and cry out for attention, and parents will have to help. New parents, especially mothers, have their brains greatly altered by parenthood, and that includes increased sensitivity to their baby crying. And a baby’s sleep schedule is not a solid eight hours like an adult gets, but rather, it is broken up into naps across the day and night. Parents may not like this, so after a point, they can hire a baby sleep coach from baby sleep coaching companies nearby to adjust their child’s sleep schedule. Both babies and toddlers may be trained like this, and with great results in many cases.

Hiring a Coach

If new parents do not have the expertise, time, or energy to adjust their baby’s sleep schedule, they may turn to local baby sleep coaching companies to help. It may be noted that these companies are not actually federally regulated, so patrons may want to consult the staff at a company and perform research on it so that they can hire a reputable company that can deliver results.

Assuming the clients can find a quality sleep coach company, they may call them or make an appointment, and the company will send an agent (most likely a woman) to the patron’s household. Now, the agent may get to know the family and interview the parent, and also ask the parents to fill out paper questionnaires so that the agent may get a solid idea on what the household is like.

This coach will start adjusting the baby’s sleep and eating schedule over the next few weeks, and gradually, this coach may encourage the baby to sleep for more than a few hours at a time each night. This works on babies who are above a certain weight or age, since they don’t need feeding quite as often as newborns. The baby will get used to this new schedule, and it may soon learn to sleep for seven to eight hours at a time like its parents, without waking anyone up. This may come as a real relief to parents who are bothered by their baby waking them up often at night. Besides, a baby or toddler may soon need to live in a schedule like this anyway once it starts preschool. And while it takes longer to complete a sleep training regimen for toddlers than babies, it can certainly be done.

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