Sleep Training Your Baby? Here’s What NOT To Do

They said being a parent would be exhausting and one of the hardest things you’ll ever do. And as it turns out — they were absolutely right! You probably can’t even remember the last time you got a full night’s rest. If this is the case, you could be an excellent candidate for baby sleep training NYC. If you’re considering teaching your small child to become more independent and are also craving a good night’s rest, continue reading.

Here are some common mistakes to avoid when sleep training your baby:

Doing little research

As a new mom, I’m sure your Google history is filled entirely with baby related questions.

Things like:

Where can I buy the world’s softest swaddle?

How much should my baby be eating?

And it’s completely understandable. After all, you want to do everything in your power to make sure your baby is getting the best care possible. Researching ways to get her on a regular sleep schedule should be no different. So go ahead, take the deep dive into the web and read up on sleep training as much as possible. Discuss your findings with your partner, and go from there. Research allows you to make the most informed decision.

But your research doesn’t have to stop at blog posts and web pages. Ask some fellow moms about their experiences. Talking to someone one-on-one about how they handled baby sleep training may help you make a more educated decision.

Trying to start too early

Babies aged three to five months are excellent candidates for sleep training. But for the first few month’s of baby’s life, sticking to a schedule will be next to impossible. During those first few months, you need to focus solely on ‘sleep surviving.’ Take routines out of the picture and make sure your baby is resting enough.

Starting at a bad time

Before you commit to sleep training, check your itinerary for any upcoming work trips or vacations. Road trips and hotel stays make it harder to solidify your routine, which leads to the next mistake. Sleep training is done best at home!

Having an inconsistent bedtime schedule

Training a baby to sleep will require you to remain consistent since having a strict routine allows a baby to conform to their new sleep schedule. If you’re unsure how to do this or it’s proving too challenging, it may be time to bring in a professional.

Confusing a sleep trainer with a sleep consultant

A sleep trainer can come in handy if you’re completely new to the process. They can offer you guidance but can’t replace a baby sleep consultant. A sleep trainer offers their advice through phone calls and emails. They may even set up a plan for you and email it for your convenience. Whereas a baby sleep consultant is qualified to come and work with you and your child in the comfort of your home.

Not consulting a qualified baby sleep consultant when you’re struggling

If you’re struggling and need baby sleep training NYC area, a consultant can help you figure out the process. They offer in-home care, which can minimize your struggles as a new mom.



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