Retirement Homes Help People Transition to a Easier, More Relaxed Lifestyle

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In some ways you feel like things are slowing down. In other ways, however, you feel as if you are at the beginning of a very big adventure.

After working with a local real estate agent to complete the sale of your home of 30 years you will close on the deal and move out within the next month. Half way across the country, however, a new life awaits you in a house in Heron Bay, Florida. Although you have always talked about moving somewhere warm once both of the girls were done with high school and in college, you were never certain that these plans would actually materialize. The house in Heron Bay, however, tipped the scales. Although you had considered a couple of other purchases in the past, this Florida property had literally everything that you wanted. Easy and quick access to the beaches, golf courses only a walk from your backyard, and the great weather helped, but the house itself was the real draw.

Both you and your wife have been anxious to get into a home that did not have stairs and to live in a place that did not require any snow shoveling. This last winter has been a long one and is actually what prompted you to take another extended trip to Florida. While enjoying the weather, you got in the habit of looking for homes for sale at least once a weekend. When your wife found a place that still had plenty of space so that the kids and their friends could come visit she was ready. The fact that this particular home was near both fishing and golf was an added bonus.

Buying a Home Remains an Important Investment

In a time when the economy has not always produced the best results when it comes to stocks and bonds, most financial experts contend that a home is still an important investment. As property values in many parts of the country continue to increase, buying a house continues to make good sense. Whether you are buying your first home or your fourth, working with a realtor is always an advantage. If you are making a move across the country, the decision to contact a realtor is essential to a having a positive experience.

Showing the largest jump since January 1992, new-home sales surged in November of 2017 to the highest level in a decade. And while there are many popular locations. Trailing behind both California Texas, thanks to decades of migration by residents of northern states, Florida is now the third most populous state although it is only the 22nd largest in land size. Whether you are looking at a house in Heron Bay, Florida, or another warm weather location, it is important to make sure that you work with a trusted and knowledgeable local realtor.

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