Is Your House Cluttered And Drab? Here Are Five Fun Ideas To Help You Spruce Up The Place

Organization is a way of life. Sadly, it doesn’t feel that way at the best of times.

No, it just feels like a chore to get out of the way as quickly as possible so you can get to the fun stuff. Consider this…what if hanging craft storage and fun storage ideas is the fun stuff? Simply picking up the most obvious clutter and stuffing it into the corners of your bedroom or living room isn’t the way to go about things. Organization can completely transform the way you look at your living spaces and improve everything from your interior design to your health. There’s a reason why Etsy and Instagram culture features so many different types of storage and organization furniture…

…and all of that will be explored below so you can start reaping the benefits. Without further ado!

Popular Crafting Culture Today

You’re likely familiar with Etsy, Twitter and Instagram when it comes to interior design. How about taking a little of that goodness and applying it to your own life? Etsy recently conducted a large survey of over 5,000 of its American sellers, finding nearly 90% of them are women across different age groups. This same survey also found over 95% of the sellers actively worked from home. Home storage organization is a smaller aspect of interior design that nonetheless leaves a very big impact in our lives, up to and including our health.

The Health Benefits Of Crafting

You might be wondering how sprucing up your living space actually translates into better health. It’s time to pull up a chair and take a look at some of these statistics! Crafting has been found to release dopamine, also known as the ‘feel-good drug’. A study published in the British Journal Of Occupational Therapy asked multiple respondents about their depression symptoms after knitting sessions and saw 80% stating they felt happier than normal. It’s not just knitting, but all kinds of supplemental art like painting, organizing, sketching, sculpting and crafting.

Quilting As A Relaxing Hobby

Let’s say you’re interested in quilting as a hobby. How could you combine that with storage and organization furniture? There are over 20 million quilters across the United States, some part-time hobbyists and other full-time artists who sell their wares multiple times per year. Crafters, interestingly enough, have been found to be a little younger than average. A recent study found 35% of crafters today to be between the ages of 18 and 34, with another 35% being between the ages of 35 and 55. A nice quilt can make a great couch throw, dog bedding or decorative wall addition.

Reducing Clutter And Wasted Time

Another way storage and organization furniture helps your health is by taking a bite out of your stress. An interesting study published by the Daily mail found that, over the course of an average lifetime, people will spend over 3,500 hours (or 150 days!) searching for misplaced items. Additional research stresses we lose up to nine items every day. That’s as many as 195,000 throughout our lives. When you’re pulling your hair out because you misplaced your wallet or keys you’re compounding on pre-existing stress. A mobile craft organizer or entryway organizer can do a lot to prevent that.

Great Places To Start Organizing

Storage and organization furniture comes in so many different shapes and sizes it can be a little daunting to select it all. Here are a few places you can get started. A laundry room organization drawer can be useful for separating clean and dirty clothes as well as supplies. Modular cubes can be placed strategically around a bedroom or living room, decorated with interesting colors and patterns to help them blend in with the furniture. If you’re the kind of person who loves to dress up, finding a hobby room organizer for your closet could save you a lot of time choosing outfits in the morning!

Organization is a necessary part of life. Make it fun by getting creative and taking charge of your environment.

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