Don’t Discount the Master Planned Community Benefits of a Planned Neighborhood

About half of all Americans prefer modern, contemporary homes, and many of these new homes are in master planned communities. The idea of living in a “planned” community may be odd for some, but residents know that the accessibility and quality of life in their area is unbeatable. If you’re looking for a modern home with modern resources, planned communities may actually have your best interests at heart.

Find Contemporary Homes

Planned communities generally incorporate architecture and layouts from various designers, allowing you to choose some of the most up-to-date modern home plans. These are generally brand new homes or those that may have been lived in by one previous tenant. They’ll often have lots of storage space, plenty of natural light, open floor plans, and up to date lighting, heating, and cooling systems.

Additional Amenities

When you join a master planned community, you’ll often find that there are golf courses, restaurants, tennis courts, stores, pools, fitness centers, and more. There are often landscapers who keep the neighborhood looking nice as well, ensuring a self-sustaining community.

Home Vales are Stabilized

Owners of contemporary homes in a planned community often must join a homeowners association (HOA), which means that everyone is expected to maintain their property. This means that neighbors aren’t able to devalue each other’s property. What’s more, the floor plans tend to be very similar, so you should be able to find a competitively-priced, move-in ready home on the market.


Some worry that moving into master planned communities far from urban centers will make their commute too long. In fact, contemporary homes are usually built on contemporary roads that are designed to minimize commuter traffic.

Talk to your real estate agent about move-in ready homes in master planned communities. The real estate market for a new home is better than ever, and in the first year or so, you can expect to pay lower taxes than you would in a resale home. The contemporary home you’ve always wanted at an affordable price may be a short drive away.

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