Four Tips from a Woman to Men Dating Online

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Online dating produces results for many individuals and has gained legitimacy over the years as a valid way to find a romantic partner. For those men who choose to make use of online dating sites, there are some interesting practices employed by others of your sex that women would like stopped. As a kindness, here are four tips for guys when online dating, written by a woman that does too.

  1. Unrequested Inappropriate Pictures: If you have any urge to send a picture of private parts, pause for consideration. Did she explicitly request such a photo? No? Well, maybe that was because she does not want it.

    Most women trying their hand at online dating experience this baffling phenomenon at some point. The equivalent act in your offline existence would be flashing, otherwise known as indecent exposure, which is a crime. Criminal acts are not a good way to get the first date, or even a hello, for that matter.
  2. Photo Editing: Photo editors are amazing. You can change your hair, eyes, remove any wrinkles, even make yourself thinner. It’s awesome, right? Wrong. Unless you are a professional, an objective observer, such as a woman perusing a singles dating site, will be able to tell the picture has been changed. Sure, you will stand out from the crowd, but for all the wrong reasons.

    In the event that you are an expert with photo editing and can make your efforts look completely natural, stop yourself. If you meet someone you really like, how well do you believe she will react to that sort of deception? Show yourself as you are, nothing else has any lasting benefit.
  3. Be Real About Your Intentions: People join online dating sites looking for anything from a partner for life to a partner for tonight. Whatever consenting adults do in private is their business, but both adults should have the same expectations about what occurs. Manipulating your partner into sex by lying about your desires and feelings is just as wrong when you meet her online as it is if you met her at a coffee shop.
  4. Don’t Be Pushy: The transition from online conversation to real world connection can be difficult and awkward. It can also be dangerous. Even the safest online dating site cannot eliminate all potential risk to meeting a stranger for the first time. Most women know of these dangers and attempt to protect themselves with a degree of caution.

    When you are on that online dating site for singles, be patient if a woman hesitates about giving you her number. The same remains true when you leave online dating websites behind for the phone and there is a delay before a meeting.

For busy single men and women, online dating sites are a valuable tool. Following these four suggestions will increase the chances of making a successful match for any men who decide to try this route.

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