Senior Care Options The Difference Between Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Nursing Homes

Retirement homes

Life has a tendency to never let up regardless of what is happening; what does change with age is one’s perspective on life. As human life expectancy rates continue to increase year by year, many are concerned as to whether or not they are able to receive the appropriate level of care that may be required for seniors. A study by Genworth Financial found that half of senior respondents stated that their greatest fear was that they would one day become a burden on their family regarding long-term care situations. Finding the right kind of senior living community for your loved one is largely a matter of assessing their level of independence and the state of their health.

Retirement Communities

There are a growing number of private senior communities for retirees to enjoy their lives peacefully and securely. Today the average age for retirement is 63; as time goes on it is expected that people will have to retire later and later in order to have enough income to retire. Independent living arrangements vary based on the community itself: some offer housekeeping and similar services and most have social opportunities for seniors. The 2009 Independent Living Report found that those who live in an independent living retirement community are more likely to make new friends and join in new experiences; many communities have a shared mindset that retirement is a time to explore and enjoy life after decades of hard work.

Assisted Living Services

For those that are able to enjoy a degree of independence but may have some health concerns that require 24 hour assistance as needed, assisted living options are the ideal arrangement for these seniors. Assisted living options typically provide an array of services including housekeeping, medication management, meal service, arranged transportation, and others. While nearly all assisted living options have meal services, many also have residential kitchens for those who still wish to prepare their own meals — assisted living arrangements are meant to provide patients with the care that they need while respecting the senior’s independence and personal interests. Many assisted living arrangements include amenities like libraries, computer labs, and television lounges as well as planned events including dance lessons, art classes, and even vacations across the country in some cases — no two living arrangements are the same, so do some research to find the best assisted living arrangement to suit your loved one.

Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are intended to provide for those who need constant aid with daily activities. Although nursing homes offer the least amount of independence of any senior living arrangement, a good deal have many of the same amenities that assisted living arrangements have albeit in a more scheduled environment. Naturally, nursing homes are meant to offer the highest level of care to seniors that suffer from illnesses and conditions that are unmanageable by family members; for this reason registered nurses and medical professionals are on-site at all times to prioritize the health and wellness of nursing home residents. Assessing the care needs of your loved one will help you determine which living arrangement is best suited to address their needs and offer the highest quality of life.

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