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Four Tips from a Woman to Men Dating Online

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Online dating produces results for many individuals and has gained legitimacy over the years as a valid way to find a romantic partner. For those men who choose to make use of online dating sites, there are some interesting practices employed by others of your sex that women would like stopped. As a kindness, here are four tips for guys when online dating, written by a woman that does too.

  1. Unrequested Inappropriate Pictures: If you have any urge to send a picture of private parts, pause for consideration. Did she explicitly request such a photo? No? Well, maybe that was because she does not want it.

    Most women trying their hand at online dating experi Continue reading

Three Tips for Safe Dating Online

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Times have changed. Dating is no longer as easy as meeting a good match in your own neighborhood. The advent of the internet, however, has brought about a revolution in the dating scene. Once viewed as taboo, online dating has now become a main hub of socialization for singles. In fact, one in every 10 Americans have used an online dating site or mobile app to meet potential mates.

Instead of being restricted to meeting only local singles, coworkers, or friends of friends, the online dater has thousands of potential matches at their fingertips both local and long-distance. There are more than 54 million singles searching for love, and a safe online dating site will bring them right to your fingertips.

One of the draws of online dating is the anonymity that it brings. The newly single dater can c Continue reading