Common Foundation Issues You Must Know About

The main cause of foundation problems in your home is the expansion of soil. This generally means that clay or loan soil expansion mainly occurs when they expand and contract due to the volume of water in them as explained in the video, “How To Spot Foundation Problems | JES Foundation Repair Explains” by JES Foundation Repair. Expansive soil is a common factor that contributes to the sinking of foundations. Some common signs that your home has a foundation are:


When you start to notice that there are cracks in your drywall, it is a sign that you have foundation problems in your home. Cracks in drywall recur and continue to grow even if you do some DIY foundation repairs and plaster them over.

Leaning Cabinets

Noticing that your kitchen cabinets are pulling away from your home’s walls and the ceiling is another sign that your home has foundation problems.

Sloped Floors

Sloped floors in your home are another major indicator that your home’s foundation is compromised. This may pose a hazard since it will cause people to trip and fall over especially elderly adults.

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Identifying signs of foundational problems in your home is essential because it will help you to know when to call in for foundational repair services.


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