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Why Elderly Individuals Should Use Walking Canes For Stability

Custom walking canes

Are you or a loved one getting to the point where you may need to start using a cane? It can be a difficult transition going from walking on your own your entire life to needing to rely on another person or an object to get from place to place. For your health and safety, it is best to make sure you start using a cane if you feel you need some support when you are up and moving around. Whether you invest in a cane for walking that is one of the custom walking canes or you prefer to get fancier with brass cane handles on your walking stick, it does not matter as long as the cane is very supportive.

Needing to walk with a cane is actually a very common thing for people as they age. Rather than risk falling and injuring themselves, it is worth it to simply do the research and invest in canes and walking sticks that will help you stay active and get from one place to the next without any issues.

More people than you imagine fall and injure themselves every single year. In the United States alone, falling occurs quite frequently for the elderly. In fact, out of all the elderly individuals in the United States one in four is likely to fall every year. Sometimes, these falls are not that big of a deal. They may put you in bed for a day or two, they may not affect you at all or they may require further attention by a doctor or medical professional. Unfortunately, quite frequently when an elderly person falls, it can require a trip to the emergency room. Out of all the falls that occur in the elderly every year, around two million times the individual will need to be escorted to the emergency room.

Additionally, nearly half of these falls take place within the elderly individual?s home. So, it is important to check up on and keep in contact with family members and friends who are elderly, or with other people if you are elderly and living alone. You would not want to fall in your home and be without a way to reach out to someone for help.

So, what causes falling in the elderly? The majority of the time an elderly person falls, it is related to unsteadiness or dizziness. This can occur when someone is standing up quickly or walking without a cane. By simply investing in a walking stick and even customizing it with brass cane handles, you can prevent yourself from becoming part of the statistic. Instead, you can join the number of people who use canes and mobility devices to help them get around without falling.

Currently in the United States there are around 6.8 million elderly individuals who use canes to get around. For those who need help walking around, a cane is the top choice. Around 70 percent choose a cane over other walking devices. With the number of ways you can customize and personalize your walking cane like with brass cane handles or with a horse head cane, it is a great way option.

Once you hit age 65 and over, it may be time to start looking into whether or not a walking cane would be best for you, especially if you live alone. By the time you are 65, things can start to change that can cause you to become more unsteady and dizzy when standing up and walking around. For those over 65 in the United States, 10.2 percent are already using canes. By age 85 and older, the percentage increases to around 40 percent of elderly in the United States who choose to walk with a mobility device.

Not sure if you or a loved one may benefit from purchasing a walking stick or a cane with brass cane handles? Make a doctor?s appointment to help get the information you need about how walking with a cane could make moving around easier and safer. Currently walk with a cane? Let us know about your experience in the comments.