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Why Your Tongue Might be Inhibiting Your Sleep Cycle

Sizes of adjustable beds

Are you having trouble with sleeping? According to one study, the issue isn?t necessarily reading texts your smartphone too late at night — it may be the size of your tongue.

New Research Sheds Additional Light on Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea affects about 18 million people in the U.S. A recent study detailed in Science 2.0 how oversized tonsils, as well as tongue indentations (this happens to the tongue from teeth pressing down when it is too large) are key indicators for obstructive sleep apnea. Dentists are in a unique spot to recommend patients to a sleep specialist thanks to their up close look at these parts of the oral cavity.

Sleep Still Might be Hard to Come By for Those With Bad Beds

For people who don?t have oversized tongues, ther Continue reading