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Here are 3 Benefits of Renting Short Term Furnished Apartments

Sometimes, when you’re traveling to a large city, no matter the reason, you can find yourself in need of short term housing, be it for a period of weeks or months. There are several options for short term housing in a large city, these include short term apartments that can be furnished or unfurnished. Furnished apartments come with the furniture already included inside. There are a number of benefits that can come from staying in short term furnished apartments and this article will take a look at a few of those benefits.

Important Information About Furnished Apartments

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Every year countless Americans will make difficult decisions. Some times these decisions involved buying a car, getting life insurance, or looking for furnished apartments to rent. It can be difficult to sort out where you want to live while also trying to get yourself the best deal. The real estate business can be very difficult to navigate and this is why there are people who spend their lives trying to master this industry. If you are looking for a new apartment, here are some things you should know.

It does not matter if you are buying a house, looking for corporate apartments, or looking for a luxury finished apartment you need to understand the real estate business or consult with a professional who does. Things can get so tricky when you dive into the specifics of the real estate business. For instance, on average Americans will move about 12 times in their lifetime.

In general, it is smart to make sure that you only spend about 30% of your monthly income on rent. Keep this in mind when searching for furnished apartments. This is why most college students will simply look for whatever is the best deal as they do not have a high monthly income. Also, when looking for furnished apartments, get a good idea of the range of apartments available in your budget by scheduling at least three or four views on one visit.

In the United States, 42.58 million housing units are occupied by renters. According to data collected by the Census American Community Survey, in the year of 2014 37% of all household were renters. During an apartment tour, 53% of all residents will test mobile connectivity during their apartment tour. While 98 percent report good reception is important, only 68 percent say coverage at their current community is great.

78% of all furnished apartment renters stated that they prefer paying online. Also, 63% were interested in paying their rent with a credit card. Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies projects upwards of 4 million new renters during the next ten years. Also, 25% of all rental residents in a survey were revealed to be renters by choice which means that they prefer to live in an apartment rather than a house.

From 31 percent in 2004, the renter share of all US households climbed to 35 percent in 2012, bringing the total number to 43 million by early 2013. Still, nearly four out of ten rental properties are single-family homes, and another fifth are in small buildings with two to four units. More than 50% of the renter respondents in a survey considered renting a better choice for living within a budget and having less stress. Those are some of the facts to help you with renting furnished apartments.

Finding the right furnished apartment for you out of all of the furnished apartments options can be quite difficult. It is going to be best for you if you invest time and money working with a professional to get the right result for you and whoever you live with. Renting out furnished apartments has never been easier for people in America, get in when it is good.

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