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Don’t Replace The Whole Playground, Repair It!

Don’t Replace The Whole Playground, Repair It!

As a manager of a playground, you most likely often face the maintenance of the property. Something breaks and needs to be replaced, something becomes dangerous and needs to be removed. Are you aware that you can actually repair the playground, instead of replacing the entire thing? It’s true! There are playground repair kits that include swing set replacement parts, playground trash cans, playground climbers, and more. The next time something becomes a hazard and needs attention at a playground, think about the benefits of repairing the playground instead of replacing the entire thing.

Reasons to Repair, and Not Replace, The Playground

A repair kit is simple to use and requires less time that replacing the entire playground. Whether you require a plastic tire swing, outdoor basketball systems, or Continue reading

Help Your Community’s Children by Updating the Neighborhood Playground

Many children spend a considerable amount of time on the Internet as well as on their mobile phones and other devices. Even though these children may be playing games, reading stories, or interacting with friends and family on social media platforms, there is some concern that they’re not engaging in enough physical activity. Furthermore, there is also concern that they’re not experiencing enough face-to-face social interaction. A recent poll found that 66% of parents are actually worried that their children spend too much time on these types of devices.

While 83% of parents agreed that it was important for their children to learn about technology and how to use it, most would prefer that their children spend more time outdoors. This was the case with nine out of ten of the parents that participated in the questionnaire. According to research, children only engage in outdoor play for roughly four hours every week. It’s interesting to note that this is less than their parents’ gen Continue reading