Don’t Replace The Whole Playground, Repair It!

Don’t Replace The Whole Playground, Repair It!

As a manager of a playground, you most likely often face the maintenance of the property. Something breaks and needs to be replaced, something becomes dangerous and needs to be removed. Are you aware that you can actually repair the playground, instead of replacing the entire thing? It’s true! There are playground repair kits that include swing set replacement parts, playground trash cans, playground climbers, and more. The next time something becomes a hazard and needs attention at a playground, think about the benefits of repairing the playground instead of replacing the entire thing.

Reasons to Repair, and Not Replace, The Playground

A repair kit is simple to use and requires less time that replacing the entire playground. Whether you require a plastic tire swing, outdoor basketball systems, or handicap swing chairs, repair kits have it all. Unfortunately, two-thirds of parents in modern times worry that their children spend too much time on electronic devices. While electronics are not always bad, they do not allow a child to be “bored”. Boredom, for a child, can actually be a good thing. Boredom ignites creativity and forces children to imagine new games and figure things out themselves, without the use of an electronic device.

Why Repairing a Playground is Safer for The Kids

The first and utmost important reason that repairing a playground as opposed to replacing it includes the safety for the children. A broken playground part, in need of a swing set replacement part, for example, is an extreme hazard for a child. If the playground is being completely replaced, there is a much longer wait time. The playground equipment is still around, broken, and dangerous, for a longer period of time, as opposed to getting a repair kit. These hazards can cause liabilities for the playground or property manager (that’s you!). In addition, not having easily accessible playgrounds around only hurt children in the long run. Numerous studies have shown that playing stimulates brain activity. Gross motor skills are pertinent to a child’s normal development. Without this stimulation and development, a child’s growth suffers greatly. In fact, children who do not utilize this stimulation within the first six years of their lives have to deal with a lifetime of limited brain power. A simple repair kit with swing set replacement parts could be the answer to aiding in a child’s brain development and gross motor skills.

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