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6 Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Amish Furniture Looking Great

Amish built chicken coops

Many people feel that their furniture should be a reflection of who they are as people. When more than two thousand people, almost 73% of the people involved sais this statement is true, “The design of my furniture reflects my personality.” Another 67% said they felt this is true, “You can learn a lot about a person from the furniture that he or she owns.” That being said, Amish furniture is some of the highest quality in the country. It is all — from the garages to the gazebos to the other Amish furniture, it is all 100% handcrafted from high-quality wood. To keep your Amish items in fine form, they need to be cared for. Even Amish garages need some care and feeding. Here are some things you can do to make your fine wooden furniture last a long time.

  1. Be careful where you place your Amish items. Of course, you cannot keep your garage out of the sun but you should do your best to keep your wood furniture out of the path of the direct sun. By the same token, it should be kept far from furnaces or any venting of your heat system. If you cannot keep it out of the path of heat sources, you can buy covers. That will keep it all from drying out. You can also move your items around your home to keep them from being damaged by the sun or heat.
  2. Keep hot items off of your Amish furniture. In the same way that your wood should be protected from hot air, it should be protected from hot items. If you have Amish tables, never put hot dishes directly on them but use protection so that the finish is not damaged or burned. If you have leaves for your Amish tables, you need to store them in an upright position so you do not change their shape. These are best served by keeping kept in a damp basement or a hot attic.
  3. Keep your wood furniture in a moderately humid climate. Wood likes moisture. If you can keep your indoor humidity at between 35% and 45%, you will keep your Amish furniture healthy and happy for a long time. If you need to store your furniture for a time, you should absolutely make sure the space you rent has climate control. If you cannot keep your items in their preferred climate, you should keep in one that is stable. Changes can impact your wood quite a bit and not in a good way.
  4. Pay attention to dust buildup. As often as you can manage it, it is important to rid your Amish furniture free of dust. You do not need to do much other than run a soft and dry cloth or rag over the pieces. If you have some dirt that is stuck on, you can use a soft and damp cloth or rag. If you have an Amish garage, you should try to keep the roof free of debris and dirt. You can use a brush to remove it from the walls.
  5. Protect your furniture from caustic substances such as nail polish remover, aftershaves, perfumes, bleach or harsh cleaners. Only use a wood cleaner for your items.
  6. Protect your Amish garage or shed the same way you do the roof on your home. Your garage roof can be instrumental in protecting the health of the garage so you need to pay attention to it. Check it after storms and periodically have repairs made to keep it in great shape.

As was noted, Amish furniture is made from great quality woods. Most pieces are made from hickory, cherry, oak, maple or walnut. It is made to last with the right maintenance. It can even be very affordable as many places offer rent to own options so if there is a piece, a set or a garage that suits your fancy and your style, you should ask the company that makes it if they offer such a thing. They certainly cannot say yes if you do not ask. Then, with these tips and tricks, it will look great for years.