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Gift Ideas for New Mothers

Childbirth is a major milestone for any adult today, and when a woman becomes a new mother, she is bound to be thrilled and a little nervous about her newest family member, so friends and family can give her all kinds of useful, sentimental, or simply relaxing gifts, whether items or non-tangible gifts like a spa treatment or a short vacation while the new dad takes care of the infant. Some gifts may be more along the lines of baby care equipment, while others are meant for the parents to use, and other still are items for the baby him/herself. First time mother gifts can vary widely, and knowing the new mom personally can help someone figure out just the right gift to give.

Parenthood Today

Becoming a new mother is something well documented and studied. Mother’s Day, for example, began just over a century ago, and ever since has been a celebration of mothers everywhere. And in recent years, the rates of new mothers has increased; in 2006, a single woman had, on average, Continue reading