Gift Ideas for New Mothers

Childbirth is a major milestone for any adult today, and when a woman becomes a new mother, she is bound to be thrilled and a little nervous about her newest family member, so friends and family can give her all kinds of useful, sentimental, or simply relaxing gifts, whether items or non-tangible gifts like a spa treatment or a short vacation while the new dad takes care of the infant. Some gifts may be more along the lines of baby care equipment, while others are meant for the parents to use, and other still are items for the baby him/herself. First time mother gifts can vary widely, and knowing the new mom personally can help someone figure out just the right gift to give.

Parenthood Today

Becoming a new mother is something well documented and studied. Mother’s Day, for example, began just over a century ago, and ever since has been a celebration of mothers everywhere. And in recent years, the rates of new mothers has increased; in 2006, a single woman had, on average, 1.86 children, and by 2016, moms had 2.07 children each, so that’s plenty of new moms to give gifts for. More often, moms are in the workforce, too; studies in 2015 showed that around 70% of all moms with kids under the age 18 were in the American labor force, and in 46% of two-parent households in the United States, both parents were full-time workers. This can result in some time apart between parents and their newborns, so first time mother gifts can help parents out with this and other challenges of parenthood. What kind of first time mother gifts can family and friends consider giving to a new mom?

Premium Baby Gifts and More

The best baby gifts will be needed by the new parents, as well as sentimental, useful, or simply not redundant with what the new mother already has. The best gifts for new parents will fill a need, since raising a baby requires a lot of work, although sentimental items also have a place. For the baby him/herself, there are a lot of options, ranging from a cashmere baby blanket to hats, clothing, or a mobile for the baby’s crib. Even more practical items for the baby such as diapers are a solid gift idea, as well as baby towels, bibs, and shampoo.

First time mother gifts can expand to items that the parents will need or want, as well as non-tangible treats to help the mother deal with stress from the baby’s birth, according to Mom Junction. For example, some unusual but very thoughtful gift ideas exist beyond the usual items like diapers or baby clothes. First time mother gifts may include keepsake boxes, small to medium sized wooden boxes with an attractive finish into which the mother and father can store items from memorable times in the child’s development, like a 3-D scrapbook of the baby’s early life. Or, a regular scrapbook can be given as a gift, one with a charming and durable exterior that may have its color schemes and patterns reflect the baby’s life. Inside, photos and important papers can showcase the baby’s development, and can be viewed many times in the future. Inkless sets for imprinting the baby’s hands and feet can be used to record the baby’s youthful size early on.

Other gifts for new mothers may work more for her own comfort and relaxation after the exertion of childbirth and the newfound stress of caring for an infant. A rocking chair can be a comfortable place for her after the physical labor of childbirth, and can also be a cozy place for breastfeeding, and of course a rocking chair is a natural accent for any home, such as in a living room or an enclosed back porch, making it a practical choice among first time mother gifts. Also, some new moms may be interested in trying yoga to combat post-partum depression, and if she does not already have yoga gear, a friend or family member can give her a yoga mat, an instructional video, or anything else related to that. Finally, a visit to a massage therapist or spa can help the mom physically and mentally unwind during her hectic, newfound motherhood.

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