An Intro to Skylights

A skylight can be a beautiful feature for your home that can brighten up a room. Skylights offer natural light which many people find less harsh and more visually appealing than artificial light. But there are a few important things to know before installing a skylight into your roof. Your best bet is to hire professional roofing services to install the skylight for you.

Like any other home improvement project, it’s important to do ample research before diving into skylight installation.

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Before you call up a contractor and make plans to have a skylight put into your home, you should understand the different types of skylights available. There are four main types that you can consider. One type is an opening skylight. This is the most common. These are solar-powered and also come with a sensor that closes them while it’s raining.

However, you may not want a skylight with the ability to open. You may instead be interested in a fixed skylight or a curb-mounted skylight. These are both sturdy and reliable options.

The final type of skylight is called a sun tunnel. This is a dome-shaped tunnel with a shaft that feeds down to a diffuser in a room in your home. All the light that travels through that tunnel will be reflected in the room and give the appearance of beautiful, natural light in the room.

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