A Guide to Home Storage and Organization

According to NRP, also known as National Public Radio, homes across the country have managed to triple over the course of the previous 50 years. Therefore, this means that there are bigger homes with even more items than ever before. As a result, homeowners should take the time to invest their money and efforts into home storage and organization. However, this is not easy so here is a guide on how to properly organize your home!

Forbes, the popular publication company, conducted a study in regards to outfits owned by the average American woman. Their study has revealed that in 1930, the average woman-owned nearly nine outfits. However, now the average woman will own 30 outfits which means they have individual outfits for nearly every day of the month. These outfits need to be put somewhere organized and neat and that is why home storage and organization is so important!

Home Storage and Organization Is An Issue For Most Homes

As previously mentioned, houses in the United States are larger than ever before. Due to this increase in space, there are also more items than ever before in these homes. Data suggests that the typical American home will contain nearly 300,000 items. As a result, it is imperative for homeowners to get stackable cubs, stackable modular cubes, and stacking storage cubes for their home.

Information from the Daily Mail suggests that Americans waste a lot of time trying to find lost items. As a matter of fact, this time can amount to over 3,600 hours or even 153 days. Furthermore, people lose nearly nine items each day on average. As a result, understanding home storage and organization is going to really help people avoid wasting time trying to find random list items.

Crafters and Artists Need Help With Home Storage and Organization

While the average home certainly needs help with storage and organization, there are also some situations where it is desperately needed. Artists are known for being messy in general and if you are a quilter or crafter, then chances are you have plenty of equipment in your home. Therefore, all of the estimated 21 million quilters in America will want to get a utility room organizer for their home!

Crafting is a popular activity because it can help people feel better afterward. Dopamine is released when someone sits down to craft and create something. Information from a published study in the British Journal of Occupational Therapy has revealed that people with depression felt better after doing some knitting. Therefore, crafting and creating should be encouraged amongst all Americans!

Research from the Association for Creative Industries shows that crafting is becoming more popular. In 2010, only 56% of U.S. households participated in crafting. As of 2017, 63% of American households enjoyed craft time. More crafting means more equipment which means more of a need for the best home storage and organization products on the market. However, anyone that uses quilting to make money will definitely want to invest in these types of organizational products.

Etsy is a popular platform that allows artists and creators to sell their products across the country. Therefore, hardworking quilters and crafters can enjoy making a profit off of their hard work. Etsy conducted a survey amongstj ust 5,500 sellers in the United States. This survey managed to reveal that almost 100% worked from home and three-quarters viewed their shops as a business, not just a hobby. Anyone that believes this should get help from great home storage and organization products.

In Conclusion

There are so many great pieces of furniture that can help homeowners with their home storage and organization problems. Furthermore, crafters, quilters, and artists will be able to store away all of their essential tools in great areas that are convenient and well-designed. Take time to find the right types of furniture and products to enhance and optimize your organization situation!

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