3 Ways Hotel Furniture Communicates Experience to Guests

If you’re in the midst of rebranding, remodeling, or updating your hotel, you have an excellent opportunity to change your hotel furniture to reflect the changing sensibilities of American consumers. More than ever, hotels are having to compete with vacation rentals, and as a result, they must adapt their spaces in order to be as attractive to potential guests as possible. Here are a few things to consider when selecting your redesign.

Versatility is Key

As we mentioned above, your hotel is in direct competition with vacation rental properties. One edge these services have over most hotels is the amount of space they’re able to offer, with entire apartments or homes for rent. Since you’re unable to add space to your individual rooms in order to compete, you can make up for your small space using versatile furnishings. Conscientious choices should be made about how best to utilize furniture that can serve multiple purposes, especially when it comes to being able to sleep more people per room. A commercial grade sleeper sofa can not only provide additional seating for while guests are in the room, but can also allow the room to sleep two extra people without taking up any extra space. This is especially crucial if your hotel is in an area that frequently serves families that might be traveling together.

Consumers Want Green Furniture

The national conversation around waste has reached its height in recent years. More than ever, consumer buying trends are shifting toward businesses that practice sustainability on as many levels as possible, which means that making sustainable choices in hotel furniture can help draw guests to your business. When you visit your wholesale furniture suppliers, look for furnishings made from environmentally friendly materials that are recycled, or can be recycled at the end of the furniture’s service life. Try to utilize manufacturers who use water-based stains and non-toxic adhesives in order to cut down on your hotel’s contributions to environmental pollution. Guests will like the initiative, which could give you the edge over competitors.

Live at the Intersection of Comfort and Style

One thing that hotels offer that vacation rentals may not is the ability to give guests a luxurious experience that they might not have in their own homes. For special occasions, guests are willing to spend more money in order to feel as though they’re having a special experience. Show your guests this special experience by choosing upholstery and furnishings that reflect the experience you want to give your guests. Your hotel furniture wholesaler can help you find the right finishes and furnishings that compliment your hotel’s aesthetic and leave them feeling pampered, no matter your budget. Generally speaking, guests tend to prefer clean lines and modern furniture, though ultimately, no one knows your clientele like you do.

These are just a few tips that can make sure that your hotel furniture purchase is one that will have a positive impact on your business. Before you set foot in the furniture store, it’s best to think about the vision you have for your redesign as a whole. Who is the clientele you’re hoping to reach? What do they look like, and what might they be interested in? Once you know that, how can you reflect those sensibilities back to them in your design choices? Having an answer to these questions can help you choose hotel furniture that is smart, sleek, and perfectly tailored to your brand and budget.

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