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What Supplies Can You Get for a New Puppy at a Farm and Ranch Store?

When you realize how expensive professional dog trainers are, it’s clear that getting puppies on the right path isn’t an easy task. Having the right gear in place and using it properly is one of the tricks of the trade. Here are some insider secrets concerning what you need for success, and you can get these necessities at a farm and ranch store.

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Having a house line for pups keeps them under control and keeps them from chewing everything in the house. You’ll want a long leash line when they go outdoors in the first few weeks to use when they go outside for bathroom breaks. Toys are a must to get them occupied and complacent, too. Chew toys are great for their teeth and jaw muscles. Interactive toys like stretch balls, tug balls, and more keep you engaged with your new pup and help you bond.

Having a pet crate gives pups a place to be sheltered while you’re away and a spot to go for rest or when they want time alone in a quiet, secure hideaway. Feeding and watering supplies, preferably stainless steel bowls with non-slip rubber bottoms are ideal for canines of all ages. A cozy pet bed is a great supplement and supplies a place for sleeping and gnawing on their toys.

Last but not least is having quality food designed for pups, and your veterinarian can make recommendations for you. Treats for rewarding good behavior is another way to encourage them to behave and follow your commands.