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Childbirth in a Hospital Bed Pushing Techniques

Pushing techniques are highly individualized for pregnant women. The clip “How to Push in a Hospital Bed | Sarah Lavonne” shows how they feel when pushing is often due to the positioning of hospital beds for childbirth.

Understanding what your body is feeling before applying any techniques on hospital beds for childbirth is helpful. Be sure to think about what will be most effective for you as you push your baby out.

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It can be an empowering experience if you approach it with thoughtfulness and resources.

First, focus your thoughts on how you want to feel when you finish pushing. Visualize the baby’s crowning. Think about how it feels to hold your newborn in your arms. Consider how good it will be to have them there with you. When you are pushing, focus on your body. If you feel pressure or pain, ask your doctor for help to find relief.

Relax and let the contraction take over from there. This is another ideal time when a relaxing breathing technique may be helpful. After pushing, hold for a brief time before letting go again. It can be beneficial to try through a couple of contractions before continuing, even if they feel uncomfortable or painful. .

What Does an Independent Living Apartment Look Like?

As we age, our needs change. Those low kitchen cabinets that were great for storage may not be easy for you to reach anymore. With aging needs changes in mind, independent living apartments are designed to accommodate those with limited mobility. Keep reading to learn what an independent living apartment looks like.

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While not all independent living communities are the same, this video shows a typical 1,000 sq ft apartment with a bright and airy floor plan.

In the kitchen, there are Amish-made cabinets and roll-out draws for no bending. Brand new stainless steel appliances including an ice maker in the freezer, dishwasher, garbage disposal, microwave, and a self-cleaning oven are also present. It even has a granite island and pull-out drawers for garbage.

<> Next, this video walks us through the living room and an additional room that is a sunroom. It has tall windows with lots of natural light and can be a den, a sewing room, a craft room, or a perfect spot for reading.

Moving into the bedroom, there is room for a king or queen bed with plenty of room to maneuver around. There is also a walk-in closet with plenty of hanging and storage space.

To see the independently living apartment yourself, watch the video above!