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Amid National Blood Shortage, Red Cross Calls for Donations

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Red cross clothing donations

The American Red Cross has been one of the leading organizations in assisting struggling families and individuals for over a century. Along with the Red Cross clothes donations they handle, they also are well known for their blood donation program.

According to NWI Times, the Red Cross is currently experiencing a major blood shortage and is issuing an emergency call for blood donors to schedule an appointment, donate now, and help save a struggling patient’s life.

“Blood and platelet donations are critically needed in the coming days so that patients can continue to receive the lifesaving treatments they are counting on,”


Enjoy Your Senior Years in a Retirement Community

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Senior living florida

Are you looking for assisted living information? While there are several options you may want to consider, senior retirement communities and assisted living facilities are two popular choices.

At present, there are approximately one million people in the United States that are living in some type of senior living community. It is interesting to note that by 2030, the amount of people living in these types of communities is expected to double.

On average, people tend to retire at 63. In some cases, particularly if they’re experiencing health issues, these individuals may benefit from living in a senior living facili