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Enjoy Your Senior Years in a Retirement Community

Senior living florida

Are you looking for assisted living information? While there are several options you may want to consider, senior retirement communities and assisted living facilities are two popular choices.

At present, there are approximately one million people in the United States that are living in some type of senior living community. It is interesting to note that by 2030, the amount of people living in these types of communities is expected to double.

On average, people tend to retire at 63. In some cases, particularly if they’re experiencing health issues, these individuals may benefit from living in a senior living facility that provides medication monitoring and other services, such as arranging transportation to-and-from the doctor.

While many people look forward to retiring, others may be concerned about this time of transition. Quite a few retirees are discovering that they’re happier than they expected to be upon retiring. A Money readership survey found that 48% of retirees are actually happier than anticipated.

What makes for a happy retirement? According to a recent survey, 81% of the participants indicated that good health was a major factor in how happy they were. This can obviously make a difference with how much energy these retirees have as well as the number of activities within which they engage.

The same survey reported that the happiest retirees are the ones that participate in three-to-four activities on a regular basis. The least happy retirees, however, only participated in one or two regular activities.

One of the many benefits of living in a senior retirement community is that there are regularly scheduled activities. These may include classes, social events, and sightseeing trips.

When reviewing assisted living information, it’s helpful to hear from individuals that are currently living in independent living situations. A 2012 customer satisfaction survey conducted by National Research showed that roughly 60% of the participants visited two or more communities before choosing the one they decided to live in.

The National Research poll also indicated that 44% of the survey participants chose their new home based on its reputation or because it was recommended to them. Location did make a difference for 40% of those surveyed.

In 2013, Holleran Consulting LLC provided information from a conference related to senior living communities. The information came from 57,900 participants living in 265 different senior living communities located in 36 states. These individuals provided the following information on their overall satisfaction:

    Good-to-excellent: 89.3%
    Would recommend their community: 84.5%

When visiting senior communities, it’s important to choose one that appeals to you. If you’re a healthy and active senior, you want to find a community that provides opportunities to meet new people and engage in a variety of activities. Furthermore, even though you may not require assistance with daily tasks, if at some point you do, there are professional staff available to assist you.

You can obtain assisted living information when you contact and visit a senior retirement community. At that time, you will probably have a detailed list of questions. When you visit one or more retirement centers, you probably want to bring a friend or family member along. It’s a good idea to be able to discuss your perceptions with others whom you trust.