Amid National Blood Shortage, Red Cross Calls for Donations

Red cross clothing donations

The American Red Cross has been one of the leading organizations in assisting struggling families and individuals for over a century. Along with the Red Cross clothes donations they handle, they also are well known for their blood donation program.

According to NWI Times, the Red Cross is currently experiencing a major blood shortage and is issuing an emergency call for blood donors to schedule an appointment, donate now, and help save a struggling patient’s life.

“Blood and platelet donations are critically needed in the coming days so that patients can continue to receive the lifesaving treatments they are counting on,” said Rodney Wilson, the communications maker for the Red Cross Indiana-Ohio Blood Services Region. “We encourage donors to invite a family member or friend to donate with them to help meet patient needs. Right now, blood and platelet donations are being distributed to hospitals faster than they are coming in.”

The Red Cross stated that because of busy holiday schedules and intense winter weather conditions, there was a shortage of roughly 37,000 donations in November and December across the United States. More than 90 blood drives also were forced to cancel during that time because of snowstorms.

The organization is in most need of Type O-positive.

Whether or not you’re donating blood this winter, Red Cross clothes donations can truly change a person’s life for the better as well. There are Red Cross clothing donation centers that will accept your new or used clothing donations. Once you’ve made your donation, you can rest assure knowing that those items of clothing will be properly handled, cleaned, and distributed to struggling families who might otherwise not even have clothes on their backs.

Unfortunately, there are so many poor families and homeless people in the world. As government officials and politicians look toward solutions to these poverty issues, it’s up to individuals on a grass roots level to donate clothing and help out in any way they possibly can.

Rather than letting all your extra clothing pile up in your home, and especially rather than throwing out those items and harming the environment, make a Red Cross clothes donation this year and begin making a difference.

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