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When You Might Need Waterproofing Basement Services

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Basement waterproofing

When storm season or other issues arise, over 98% of homes with basements will have water damage. While this damage can be caused by a variety of factors, it might be that your basement needs one–or more–of the following waterproofing basement services:

    Fixing leaks in basement walls
    Repairing cracks in foundation walls
    Repairing foundation cracks
    Foundation sealing
    Water proofing solutions

Protecting Your Investment

Since you want to protect the investment you made in your home as well as the safety of your family, using the services of a waterproofing basement specialist can make a substantial


Homebuilder Spotlight: WestBay Homes

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WestBay homes

Connerton is one of many master planned communities in Florida, but it’s our unique location that sets us apart. Situated alongside the Conner Preserve, a designated natural water management preservation area since 2003, our landscape includes pine flatwoods and marshes, cypress sloughs and sandhill ridges.

In the heart of Pasco County, Connerton is part of the Land O’ Lakes region. With a population of 31,996 and an average of 248 sunny days per year, this is a warm and welcoming area of the country to live.

Of course, our community wouldn’t be what it is without our home builders. We’ve teamed up with five exceptional companies to provide modern homes that suit every taste and style. In this and subsequent posts, we’ll feature a different builder and the unique services they contribute to our community.

WestBay Homes

WestBay homes is a local Tampa company that specializes in luxury living, coupled with value and efficient design. Their attention to detail and elegant architectural designs make them stand out in our one and two-story houses in the Connerton neighborhoods of Jasmine Abbey and Rose Pointe.

The homes by WestBay in Jasmine Abbey range from 2,306 to 4,846 square feet of living space, priced in the low $300s. In the gated Rose Pointe neighborhood, you can find WestBay homes priced in the mid $400s with as much as 6,300 square feet. All houses include gourmet kitchens, plenty of natural light that blends with outdoor spaces, and three-car garages.

WestBay began as a humble homebuilding operation in Illinois in 1980, relocating to the Tampa Bay area in 1996. Already, they’ve put their unique stamp on our region. Their signature style leaves enough room for personalization while still making you feel right at home the second you walk through the front door.

All of WestBay’s homes come with an industry-leading two-year warranty program, as well as additional structural warranty. As a locally owned and operated business, they understand the climate of the region and build homes specially designed to suit this region’s natural landscape and needs.

Among WestBay’s many awards and industry accolades, their “Key Largo II” design at Connerton was recognized by the Tampa Bay Builders Association in the 2014 Parade of Homes. There’s a reason we love having WestBay Homes as one of our five trusted builders, and we think you’ll love them, too.


Charity in Action How the Red Cross is Partnering with GreenDrop to Help Communities in Need

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Clothing donation center

As a species, we tend to take a lot of things for granted. We assume that the sun will rise tomorrow, that our car will start in the morning, that we will always have our homes. It is not until we have everything we take for granted taken away from us that we realize exactly how fortunate we are. Unfortunately for the 564,708 people who are regularly homeless in the country, there is very little they have that can be taken for granted. It is estimated that roughly 15% of the homeless population are considered chronically homeless individuals that have nowhere to turn. In spite of so many people in regular need, as Americans we tend to waste a lot of precious goods that could be used to clothe, warm, and shelter those in need.

The Extent of American Waste

The Environment


Storage Hacks for Small Spaces

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Garden greenhouse

Classical Greek philosopher and scholar, Plato once said, “The greatest wealth is to be content with little.” In recent years, many have been living by that mantra quite literally, and moving into tiny homes and apartments. This phenomenon has swept that country wide, and even sparked a couple television shows.

When people move to tiny homes, they often purge their belongings, figuring out what items are truly necessary to sustain themselves. While clutter is often a problem for people, no matter what their living situations, for those who live in tiny homes or apartments storage space is tough to manage. Even with minimal belongings, it can be tough to store the essentials. Here are some ways to make your tiny space seem more spacious.

  1. Loft your bed and install under bed organizers.

Amish Sheds Are a Natural for Storing Garden Tools

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If you know anything about the Amish people and their community, then you already know the kind of attention to detail they take when it comes to making their furniture. Every piece tells a story of one who spent hours of painstaking labor to make certain that every inch is crafted perfectly. Whether your piece of furniture is an end table, a dining room chair, or a shed in which to store garden tools, your Amish furniture has been made especially for you.

It was the 1920s when Amish furniture first gained its popularity. In the United States, American folk art was being brought to the forefront of the artistic community, and the Amish way of creating furniture, with a


5 Times When It’s a Good Idea to Send Out a Bouquet of Flowers

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Flowers are a great way to say a lot of things. If you are ever stuck for what to give someone on an occasion, flowers are never a bad idea. Just visit your local florist and pick up a bouquet and you’ll be good to go. Here are a few times that flower delivery may be the way to go.

New Baby
When someone has a baby for the first time, there are so many things that they need from cribs to clothes to bottles and pacifiers and bibs and swings, car seats, strollers and so much more. Sometimes, it’s better just to give them a gift card. But you might feel like just a card is too small a gift and want something to accompany it. Flowers are a great idea for that. It’s a gift and a gift card so it seems more thoughtful. Similarly, when a couple is having their second or third child, they may not need as m


Struggling With Drug Addiction And Dependency? Look Into Ibogaine For Depression

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Adderall addiction

Do you have a drug addiction or mental illness? You may want to consider ibogaine for depression. This revolutionary new medication has been sweeping the medical world over the past decade for its quick results and reliable improvements, easily considered one of the best ways of tackling the frustrating side-effects of addiction and common mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and dependency. If you’re unfamiliar with ibogaine therapy or simply want to know more about the options at your disposal, look at the comprehensive guide below to get yourself on the fast track to recovery.

What Are The Most Common Addictions?

While it’s possible to become addicted to anything, there are som


Pest Control Doesn’t Have to Break Your Bank

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Termites west palm beach

If you own a home or any type of property, pest control and pest management is something that you need to put on your list as a pretty important priority. Pests of just about any kind, size, and stripe can cause some serious damage in a really big hurry, and often before you even realize they are around. Mice, roaches, fleas, and other pests not only cause damage, they can also eat a very big hole in your wallet when the damage is done.

Of all of the pests, that can wreak havoc on your home, the most famous of them all, because of their particular brand of nastiness, are termites. Every year in the United States, termites damage an estimated 600,000 homes. Because of termite probl


Find the Right Family Counselor with These 6 Tips

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Family counselor

Many couples, individuals and families are helped every year by going to therapy. Most couples who seek out couple’s therapy, say they received either excellent or good treatment. The American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists reports that more than 98% of these couples say this. More than 97% say they got the help that they needed. Nearly three quarters of all couples who seek out counseling say their marriage is in a better condition after the experience. Marriage and family counselors provide important services.

Finding the right family counselor is important to the process. Here are some tips to make sure you get the right one for your needs.

  1. Talk to your friends and family. The best way to find quality goods and services is to get personal recommendatio