Storage Hacks for Small Spaces

Garden greenhouse

Classical Greek philosopher and scholar, Plato once said, “The greatest wealth is to be content with little.” In recent years, many have been living by that mantra quite literally, and moving into tiny homes and apartments. This phenomenon has swept that country wide, and even sparked a couple television shows.

When people move to tiny homes, they often purge their belongings, figuring out what items are truly necessary to sustain themselves. While clutter is often a problem for people, no matter what their living situations, for those who live in tiny homes or apartments storage space is tough to manage. Even with minimal belongings, it can be tough to store the essentials. Here are some ways to make your tiny space seem more spacious.

  1. Loft your bed and install under bed organizers. Decorative home racks can keep your sleep sanctuary looking pristine while also solving your storage debacle and provide additional closet space. Shoe organizers can fit snugly at the floor of your new DIY closet.
  2. Instead of a full-sized desk, opt for a laptop trolley that you can take wherever you go. As long as you don’t have a large desktop computer, a desk isn’t a necessary home addition, unless you have a designated home office space.
  3. Decorative home racks don’t have to be on display all the time. Invest in portable folding racks that you can display whenever and wherever you need them. Kitchen racks are especially helpful for pantry storage or for holding appliances. Larger free-standing racks can hold heavier items, while over-the-door kitchen racks are suitable for spices or lighter food items.
  4. If you have a green thumb, it’s likely that you want a gardening space available to you. This rings true, especially, to individuals who choose to live in self-sustainable tiny homes. While full-fledged outdoor gardens are not always available, there are plenty of alternative ways to grow fruits and vegetables. Garden greenhouses can come in all shapes and sizes, and allow home gardeners to protect their plants from the elements year round. Garden racks can be installed to hold plants on different levels, to maximize space.

Living in a small space does not always correlate to minimalist living, so these tips can be used by just about anyone who struggles with storage in a small space.

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